How to germinate cucumber seeds

How to germinate cucumber seedsThe technology of germination of the seed of cucumbers implies the use of several methods. It should be noted that the seeds processed before seeding give friendly shoots. With their help you can get strong cultures that are not afraid of temperature drops and give a good harvest. With the usual sowing of seeds, such results are very problematic.

And now consider how to germinate the seeds of cucumbers before planting in the stages:

  • To begin with we will select quality grains that will be able to give full-fledged shoots. To determine the quality seeds they are placed in a pre-prepared saline solution. To get it in one liter of heated water, dissolve 5 grams of salt. Now you need to place the seed material in the mixture for 10-15 minutes and select the drowned grains. Pop-up cucumbers are unsuitable for further use;
  • During the aging of the seeds in a salt mixture, prepare a pink solution of potassium permanganate (it will be used for disinfection). After the selection of the full-bodied seeds, they are insisted in manganese liquid for 20 minutes;
  • It is undesirable to wash the seeds after the potassium permanganate, they are poured into a damp cloth or paper napkin, which were previously impregnated with complex mineral fertilizers. As the impregnation, 3% solution of any complex fertilizer is used;
  • After 24 hours after keeping the seeds in a damp cloth in a warm room, they are placed in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. The quenching process at low temperatures must pass for 14-15 hours;
  • Sowing seeds in the prepared soil is carried out after they are partially punctured. To determine the opening of the shell, a constant check of the seed material is carried out. If more than half of the grains are opened, then you can start sowing. In the event that you missed this moment and the seeds managed to throw out the roots and sprouts, the sprouts may be less frequent, which will result in a decrease in yield;
  • Experienced gardeners recommend the sowing of cucumbers in a soil well-seasoned with organic and mineral substances, it must be sufficiently heated to obtain rapid seedlings;
  • It is possible to sow sprouted seeds in peat pots, for growing seedlings. In this case, two cucumbers are put in each capacity, but after the emergence of sprouts leave the strongest of them. Seed sowing for seedlings is carried out about a month from the proposed period of transplantation of young plants into an unprotected soil. When transplanting pots with plants are buried in the soil to the cotyledons.

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