How far to plant cucumbers

How far to plant cucumbersSuch a popular crop as a cucumber can be grown in a seedling manner or by sowing seeds in an open ground or a greenhouse. Nowadays the number of gardeners has increased, which prefer to sow cucumbers on warm beds, in greenhouses. This method eliminates the care of seedlings and allows you to harvest much earlier than the standard deadlines.

In the case of sowing seeds on seedlings, a similar procedure should be carried out from the middle of April, so that after warming (about a month) the young plants should be placed in a new place, in a greenhouse. Here the question arises as to how far to plant cucumbers within the same row and between them.

Specialists pay attention to the fact that such a culture as a cucumber can be grown in two different ways: vertical, which is used in a greenhouse room, and horizontal - in the open ground. The first method involves the use of different types of supports, on which a developing culture will grow. This can be factory-made trellis, stretched ropes or a special frame of several rows of wire, located at different heights. The next, horizontal method of growing cucumbers, is used much more often. Here, plants do not need support, they simply grow on the surface of the soil.

Experienced growers argue that the distance depends on the chosen method when planting cucumbers between individual plants. In general, between adjacent bushes of cucumbers should be from 40-ka to 60-ти centimeters. With the vertical method, the minimum distance is chosen to accommodate the maximum number of plants per unit area, but if the crops are planted in the open ground, then the distance between them should be within 60-centimeters. In the case of a good saturation of soil with useful substances, the value can be reduced to 30 centimeters.

It should be noted that for planting cucumbers horizontally, wide beds are used, with the vertical method of sowing - narrow. Experts recommend using a vertical method of planting crops to obtain maximum yields.

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