Pasynkovanie cucumbers

Pasynkovanie cucumbersNecessity in the procession of cucumbers occurs only when there is a sufficiently developed lash, and the plant does not form ovaries.

Stepchildren are extra shoots that take food from the whip. All this leads to the fact that cucumbers stop forming ovaries.

Most often, side shoots are exposed to removal, which are located in the axils of the first 5-6 leaves, as well as ovaries located in the sinuses of the first 3-4 leaves. Carrying out this operation, you should be careful not to injure the main shoot and the flowers on it. It is enough to practice for a while, and you will soon be able to easily determine where the stepson, and where the main stem.

In the case of proper planting of pasynkovaniya and avoid injuries by the middle of July, ripen the first fruits. You can not injure plants if you go in for cucumbers according to the following scheme: with one hand, you need to slightly pull the sheet, the other one needs to carefully nip off the stepson next to the stalk.

The procedure for the patronage of cucumbers should be performed throughout the plant until the middle of July. After that, the bottom of the plant leaves 1-2 stepson: when the old stalk no longer tie fruit, they will grow full stems. Using this method, you can harvest for a long time.

At the same time, one should not forget: the stepson begin when the stepsons reach the length of 3-6. This will not only simplify their removal, but will also clearly show where they are. The main thing is that the sooner the stepchild is removed, the more the plant will give the fruits to the fruits. Allowing the growth of stepsons in length more than 20 cm, you deprive yourself of several kg of harvest.

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