Why cucumber leaves twist

Leaves of cucumbers are twistedEvery vegetable grower knows that it is not so easy to get an abundant harvest of cucumbers - these crops require special attention. During the growing of such vegetables, it is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity, if the plants develop in the greenhouse, and also to carry out systematic fertilizing and watering, as necessary. When developing cucumbers can be affected by various diseases or suffer from other adverse effects. This article will be devoted to the question of why the leaves of the cucumber are curled and the methods of combating this phenomenon.

На самом деле причин скручивания листьев много, но самой частой считается недостаток влажности в верхнем слое почвы, а также небольшая влажность воздуха. Объяснить увядание лиственной поверхности достаточно просто. Все знают, что через листья растений происходит испарение, но когда в почве и воздухе не хватает влаги, то огурец уменьшает площадь испарения путём скручивания листьев.

Another common cause of twisted leaves is the lack of useful components in the soil. In general, the process under consideration causes a deficit of such an element as nitrogen, although, in addition to clotting, yellowing and wilting of the leaves occur. This phenomenon can cause a shortage of trace elements such as sulfur, magnesium and manganese.

Twisting of leaves in cucumbers can occur in the case of the habitat of aphids and other pests on plants, so before you begin to treat the culture, carefully examine it.

What to do if the leaves of cucumbers are curled

Let's start with the first reason. With a clear lack of moisture cucumbers need to be poured with warm water. Liquid is applied in small doses in the morning and evening. Many vegetable growers are advised to water plants together with complex fertilizers mixed with water. The solution to the problem can be foliar top dressing, because such a method of introducing beneficial substances contributes to their intensive learning by culture.

When pests are detected, take measures to combat them. The aphids can be easily destroyed by spraying the cultures with a soap solution to which a small amount of mustard powder is added. Against other pests will help special drugs, they can be found in any specialized gardening shop.

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