Why cucumbers are not tied up

Do not tie a cucumberMany truck farmers complain of the lack of cucumbers, but at the same time the culture is full of violets. What to do in this case, and what actions to take to get a good harvest? Experienced growers argue that the presence of a large number of blossoms is associated with poor quality of seed. In the case when you use your own seeds collected last year, the flowers first appear inflorescence of the male type of flowering, and then females. When using cucumbers two years ago, female flowers appear much earlier from the male.

The second possible reason why cucumbers are not tied up may be a violation of the exchange of beneficial substances. Usually, a similar problem is caused by excess nitrogen in the soil. This element causes the accelerated development of stalks and leaves and a mass appearance of the flowers.

Another reason for the appearance of male flowers is the watering of crops with cold water. During humidification of the soil, it is recommended to use slightly warmed-up water. Irrigation is carried out in the early morning or late evening.

Do not be zealous with the moistening of the soil, because excess moisture can also be the reason for the absence of the ovary on cucumbers. An exit from the developed situation will be drying of a ground within several days. As a result of this action, the leaves on the crops may wither, but they will have female flowers.

What to do if cucumbers are not tied up

In case of using fresh seeds, conduct their heating before sowing into the soil. Cultures grown from warm seeds form much more female inflorescences than males. The acceleration of the appearance of female inflorescences will help hardening the seed material at small negative or variable temperatures.

If the reason for the lack of ovaries in cucumbers is an excess of nitrogen, then it is necessary to make top dressing with high-speed fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus. For this purpose, 10 grams of superphosphate are bred in a bucket of heated water, in addition, wood ash can be used.

Some truck farmers ask the question of how to deal with the vapors, many simply remove them, thinking that such a procedure will stimulate the formation of female inflorescences, but this does not happen. Pustotsvetov can not be touched, after a while they will fall off.

Another method of combating the weak knotting of cucumbers is the use of self-pollinated varieties, as well as hybrids of predominantly female type of flowering. Such cultures differ from others in the excellent quality of fruits and high yields.

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