Why cucumbers are bitter

cucumbersMany people have the question that some cucumbers are pleasant to the taste, even sweet, and other cucumbers are bitter, why is it so? First, bitterness is mandatory for wild cucumbers. Breeders had to work hard to stop the cucumbers from growing bitter. In the end, they have achieved their own, resulting in the emergence of ungainly varieties.

Но полностью удалить то, что дано огурцам природой, все равно не получается, поэтому отдельные плоды, несмотря на все старания, имеют горьковатый привкус.

It is established that the bitterness of cucumbers is associated with a special substance - cucurbitacin. And the more it accumulates in the fruits, the more they are bitter. Its presence in cucumbers depends on whether this predisposition had the sorts from which they were obtained (in this connection it is necessary to give preference to new varieties with which the breeders worked for a long time). But in this case a considerable role here is assigned to other factors.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the fruits we eat can be immature. Immature cucumbers are contraindicated to eat, since they are yellow, are soft and bitter. Bearing in mind that the accumulation of cucurbitacin occurs with time, it should be borne in mind that the longer the time passes from the moment of ovary formation to the time of harvesting, the greater the amount of this bitter substance it will contain.

Why are some cucumbers in one row bitter, while others are not? Much depends on the variety itself and even on the quality of the seeds of one variety. The most bitter are dark green varieties: unpleasant taste is felt next to the base. As a rule, fruits become such in case of short-term droughts, in the heat period, and also if there is nutrient deficiency in the soil. If any of these situations occur, the cucumber growth slows down, and the maturation is prolonged by 4-6 days. In some cases, we have to wait and more time, which only increases in the fruits the amount of cucurbitin, giving the cucumber a bitter taste.

If in the cultivation of a cucumber culture there was a warm (not hot!) Cloudy weather and the humidity remained high, then the fruits will contain less bitterness. And this is quite logical, since the homeland for them is the humid forests of Southeast Asia. In this place cucumbers curled over trees, which provided them with a shadow. If the plant will be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it deprives it of moisture and leads to oppression, which it begins to react with the accumulation of cucurbitin.

In this regard, dreaming of growing sweet, delicious cucumbers, plants in the phase of ovary formation, it is necessary to provide regular and abundant watering, and this should not be limited to watering under the root, but also include sprinkling (in the morning and in the evening). Especially it needs to be done in hot weather. Do not neglect and loosen the soil. If plants are often and abundantly watered in the heat, then this minimizes the formation of bitterness.

It is worth noting that the bitterness in fruits can also be related to the incorrect selection of seeds from the ripened cucumbers that you have allocated to the seeds.

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