Why cucumber seedlings turn yellow

Seedling of cucumbers turns yellowSeedlings of cucumbers require special care, because these plants are very tender and instantly respond to abrupt changes in growing conditions, including a lack of moisture, sunlight and nutrients in the soil. Even experienced gardeners can observe cases of discoloration of young cucumbers. What is the reason for the yellowing of plants and how to deal with this in our article.

Note that seedlings of cucumbers turn yellow for a variety of reasons, so before you start treating cucumbers, carefully inspect the seedlings. Particular attention should be paid to the leaves, the root system, to conduct a thorough analysis of the soil. The impact measures are taken depending on the detected deviation.

The first cause of yellowing of cucumber seedlings can be considered the overgrowth of the plant. As a result of this process, in a small seedling pot, there is not enough room for the development of the root system, the culture selects from the soil all the necessary nutrients. The way out of this situation is the transplantation of a cucumber into a new pot of increased volume, and the plant must move together with a clod of earth. Another point, when growing cucumber seedlings: should consider the planting time in the open ground to a permanent place, because if the weather deteriorates at the time of planting in unprotected soil, you can do without cucumbers.

The second cause of yellowing of cucumber seedlings is a deficit or a search for fertilizers. Changes in the color of the leaves of young cucumbers can cause nitrogen deficiency. In this case, fertilizing is carried out with mineral fertilizers, which contain this element. Another reason for this disease may be a shortage of manganese in the ground or poisoning of plants through an excess of useful substances. In the latter case, washing the root system and replacing the soil are good.

Another factor that affects the color of seedlings is all sorts of diseases and damage to plants by pests. If you have detected pests or signs of common cucumber diseases, then spray the culture with appropriate medications. The yellowing of the cotyledon leaves indicates a lack of lighting, so young plants need to be transferred to the sunny window sill.

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