Why leaves dry the cucumber

Cucumber leaves dryCucumbers are constantly present in our diet, regardless of the season, so these crops are grown not only outdoors, but also heated greenhouses. Sometimes even experienced farmers notice that the leaves of cucumbers begin to dry, but not everyone knows why this happens. In this article, we will analyze the main causes of this negative phenomenon and consider how to deal with it.

The drying of cucumber leaves is usually related:

  • Thickened plantings;
  • Lack of moisture. It should be noted that when watering, you should avoid getting moisture on the leaves of the plant - this can cause burns if the weather is hot, so water the crops in the early morning or late evening, using warm water;
  • Wrongly selected site for planting cucumbers. In the case of penetration of direct sunlight onto a leaf blade of plants, they will quickly begin to wilt. The shape of the beds also matters. In the presence of narrow and high mounds, the earth quickly loses moisture, and the plant begins to dry up;
  • Too much or a shortage of nutrients;
  • Hit of herbicides on the deciduous surface of cucumbers;
  • Sharp temperature changes;
  • Diseases and pests. In greenhouse conditions, cucumbers can affect fusariosis. It can be easily distinguished by the withering of the apex of the stem, and with it rot appears in the basal area. When white rot is affected, the leaves lose their plasticity and begin to fade, brown spots form near the root area;
  • Another reason for the drying of cucumber leaves is the defeat of various pests. The most dangerous of them are mites and aphids.

What to do if foxes of cucumbers dry

Combating the drying of cucumber leaves begins after determining the cause of the disease. In the case when plants need additional moisture, frequent watering should be done with small doses of liquid. When conducting such an event, you need to ensure that water does not spread over the surface of the soil. For this, small depressions can be made near the roots of the plant.

If herbicides or other chemicals accidentally hit the deciduous surface of the cucumber, rinse them with water immediately. The active substance will decrease in concentration and will be absorbed into the ground.

In case of culture damage, diseases are treated with special preparations. When cucumber is infected with root rot, plants are sprayed with Trichodermine. Fusarium wilt is treated with the help of Kornevin or Photospore. In case of damage to plants, decay, spray the deciduous surface with a soap solution with the addition of Iskra, and the mites can be driven off or completely destroyed by spraying the cultures with infusion of onion husk.

A prophylactic measure against the drying of leaves and other diseases is the dressing of the seed material and the decontamination of the soil before planting the crops. Do this with a pink solution of potassium permanganate, using an atomizer.

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