Why ovaries of cucumbers fall

Ovaries of cucumbers dropMany gardeners and residents of flats grow cucumbers in greenhouses and on sunny windowsills in order to get the earliest harvests. Sometimes in the process of vegetation on the plants under consideration a large number of inflorescences is formed, but the ovary falls off for unknown reasons. Why the ovary of cucumbers is falling off and how to deal with such a phenomenon, let us examine in our article.

The main reason for the fall of the ovary is the lack of nutrients in the soil, and more specifically, potassium. According to some sources of information, soil for crops can be saturated with useful elements necessary for their development, but low air temperature in the room where plants are grown, contributes to poor assimilation of useful components. This is especially pronounced in hybrid varieties of parthenocarpic type. As experts say, for the cucumber is particularly dangerous lower temperatures at night. Even at + 15 degrees on plants, the formation and development of ovaries is inhibited, because the release of useful substances usually takes place at night during the period when the fruit is poured with juices.

As for bee-dusted varieties, for them a higher level of danger is represented by heat. When establishing daytime temperatures within 35 degrees, inflorescences cease to be pollinated. In this case, plants form flowers, but can not form fruits.

Omission of the ovaries can occur through lack of lighting. A similar phenomenon can be observed in a hothouse room, when a truck farmer untimely cuts out developing crops. The thickening of plantings can also occur in the open ground, then bees and other insects simply can not get to the flowers.

What to do if ovaries of cucumbers fall

If the reason of the considered phenomenon is the thickening of the crops, then it is necessary to immediately remove the excess shoots, so that the remaining plant receives a sufficient amount of heat and light. In addition, plants need timely feeding, which balances the amount of nutrients in the soil. If there is a suggestion that it will be cold at night, you need to close the doors and windows in the greenhouse.

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