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Who from truck farmers does not want to grow on the site a smart crop of cucumbers? It seems that this culture can produce an excellent result without much effort and expense, but it is not so. Over time, you can see that cucumbers wither, wilt and lose leaves - this is the result of untimely feeding.

Culture responds well to the introduction of organic fertilizers, because they have a lot of elements necessary for its development. It is known that before the appearance of small cucumbers, only 20% of nutrients are consumed, and the rest are used for harvesting.

Foliar dressing of cucumbers with mineral fertilizers is best done with prolonged cooling. We'll figure out what better to feed cucumbers in the beds.

Many people are worried about the question: should manure be applied to cucumber crops? Yes, cucumbers need this complex element, but you should not bring it in large quantities, and especially in the springtime. This can lead to plant overgrowth, cucumber formation in voids and a decrease in yield. In addition to manure from organic fertilizers, you can use compost or humus. If these fertilizers are located in the root zone, then in a short time you can improve the assimilation of nutrients by plants. Here it should be said that fertilizers first fulfill the functions of biofuel, and then become a nutrient medium for the crop. When the land does not differ in fertility or irrigation systems are applied on m? The area should be up to 10 kilograms, on floodplains - up to three kilograms of organic fertilizers.

We will deal with mineral fertilizers for cucumbers. From the calculation of the whole part, 2 / 3 is necessary to make in the autumn, the rest - in the spring before planting. Superphosphate in the form of granules is applied directly to the rows of plants during sowing, for a meter it is necessary up to 6 grams. Before sowing, fertilizers with nitrogen content are added, and they are added to subsequent fertilizing. Recently, new complex fertilizers have appeared on the market, for example, ammophos, which has in the composition: 12% - nitrogen, 50% - phosphorus. This type of fertilizer differs from superphosphate with greater mobility in the soil.

Consider a diammophos: it contains: nitrogen - 19%, phosphorus - 53%. This species is best used for fertilizing plants. If top dressing is complex and potassium is needed, then it should be added in the appropriate proportion.

Cucumbers respond well to the "Growth of 1", it includes a whole complex of nutrients necessary for the development and growth of cucumber, so the composition: 11% potassium phosphorus and nitrogen; Magnesium, boron, iron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, copper. Phosphorus, which is part of the fertilizer in water, does not dissolve, so this fertilizer is used for basic application to the soil.

To save fertilizers, they are introduced directly into the well, which reduces their consumption to 10 times. Also sometimes sifted useful substances at some distance from the rows - this is about 12 centimeters.

Top dressing of cucumbers with folk remedies

The first feeding of cucumbers is carried out two weeks after their emergence. People use the following composition: a bucket of cow dung mixed with two buckets of water and let stand 5 days in the shade. If the bushes are healthy, it is necessary to dissolve a half liter of this in a bucket of water, if the bushes have turned yellow, the dose should be doubled.

The second time cucumbers are fed with flowering. The solution is done in the same way, however, instead of cow dung, a chicken litter is used. Insist need 7 days, the recommended dose: a glass of infusion on a bucket of water.

The last top dressing is done with fructification of cucumbers, applying the first or second infusion with a periodicity of 10 days.

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