Extra dressing of cucumber seedlings

Extra dressing of cucumber seedlingsAs you know, transplanting cucumber seedlings or sowing seeds of this crop should be carried out in soil filled with useful substances, but in the process of development plants will need additional nutrients - this will require feeding. The first of these is carried out after the appearance of this leaf on the seedlings. Extra fertilization of seedlings of cucumbers should be carried out with the participation of liquid fertilizers. Soil enrichment with useful components is carried out on a warm day early in the morning, and fertilization is combined with irrigation.

In the process of growing cucumber seedlings, two additional fertilizing is carried out. For the first of these, you can use a solution of Mullein in the ratio of one part of organic fertilizer mixed with 8 parts of water. Usually, the introduction of nutrients should be done two weeks after emergence. In addition to liquid mullein, a solution of chicken litter diluted with water in the proportion of 1 to 10 can be used.

The next fertilization of cucumber seedlings is carried out a few days after the planting of plants in the open ground. It consists of 40 grams of superphosphate, 15 grams of potassium sulfate and 10 grams of carbamide, which are dissolved in a bucket of warm water. After applying any of these feedings, culture should be watered. It should be noted that the prepared solution should not fall on the leaves and stems of the plant, which can cause burns. If this happens, the sprouts are gently sprayed with water.

If the seedlings are grown in a greenhouse, then it must be fed every 10 days. For this purpose, complex fertilizers such as Sodium Humate or Effetron are used. For the preparation of feeding it is enough to dilute a spoonful of this substance in 10 liters of water and water the plants.

It should be noted that organic fertilizers should be alternated with mineral fertilizers, for example, nitrophic or Kemira Lux. To prepare the solution, dilute a spoonful of any of these substances in a bucket of water. The rate of consumption of 100 milliliters of liquid per plant.

After the cucumber is planted in an open ground, foliar Top dressing of cucumbers By spraying the bushes in cloudy, windless weather. As a fertilizer used a solution of carbamide or a drug called Kemira Lux at a dosage of 5-7 grams of substance per liter of water.

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