Watering cucumbers

How to water cucumberWhen growing cucumbers, one should bear in mind that they react sensitively to the moisture and fertility of the soil. Watering cucumbers after planting and during fruiting should be done regularly, because during the growth of plants form a fairly large green plant mass, cucumber leaves are almost not protected from intensive evaporation, resulting in a lot of water.

The place of concentration of the root system is the surface layer of the soil (depth 15-20 cm). In this regard, it can not regularly supply the plant with the necessary amount of water. About when and how best to water the cucumber will be discussed.

After you have sown the seeds, you need to make sure that the soil does not dry out. For irrigation, you should use a watering can and standing water at room temperature (above 20 degrees).

When the first shoots appear, and this requires a maximum of 4-5 days, you should also ensure that the soil does not dry out. However, you should not show diligence in watering, otherwise you can create conditions for the development of diseases, which can result in death of seedlings.

With the appearance on the plants of the first ovaries, cucumbers need to provide more frequent watering (every day), and it must necessarily be carried out under the root. In the heat, when the air temperature rises above the mark of 25 degrees, the cucumbers are subjected to sprinkling, which should become a daily procedure. This method artificially reduces the temperature of the leaves, formed flowers, which helps to prevent the fall of the ovaries. If the temperature is kept below the mark of 25 degrees, then there is no need for sprinkling. With this temperature regime, sprinkling can lead to the development of fungal diseases, because of which you can lose part or even the entire crop.

When to water cucumbers

Sprinkle cucumbers best in the early morning, while the sun is still there, or in the evening after sunset. If the street is very hot, then water cucumbers at the same time that spend and sprinkling - in the morning and in the evening. If you carry out sprinkling at a time when the rays from the sun are coming out, it can lead to burns of the leaves, their yellowing and drying.

Cucumbers watered necessarily under the root with a watering can, equipped with a sprayer. Use a bucket or hose is not recommended, as this can lead to the denudation of the root system. In the end, the plant will produce fewer fruits, which will have a lower quality. In the case of uncovering the roots, which can lead to careless actions during irrigation, you should immediately plant the plants or add fertile soil to the hole to cover the roots to the cotyledonous leaves.

When they enter the fruiting phase, watering the cucumbers continues in the morning and evening, but very abundantly. It should be borne in mind that the amount of water that is consumed at each watering affects how long it will take to wait for the crop and whether the fruiting of all the ovaries will finish before the leaves turn yellow and dry.

When cultivating cucumbers in greenhouse conditions, you need to follow a similar scheme of watering. The only thing that needs to be eliminated is sprinkling, since there are transoms in the greenhouse and they can be regulated by the temperature regime.

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