Planting of cucumbers

Planting of cucumbersFor sites located in the central zone of the country and in the northern regions, well-warmed places with light sandy-loamy humus or loamy-humus soils, and also providing protection from the northern winds, are the most favorable for the cultivation of cucumbers. You need to choose the right place for planting cucumbers.

Choice of a place for planting cucumbers

Low yields are obtained when they are cultivated on acidic soils. In this regard, sites that have an acidity level of pH5 and below should be fertilized with lime, chalk and ash. The most suitable place for cultivation of cucumbers are the sites, the acidity of which corresponds to the pH of 6,2-6,8. Soil fertility is one of the main factors that affect the yield of cucumbers. However, a considerable role is also played here by mineral fertilizers, at a high concentration of which the cucumber plants also delight in a large number of quality fruits.

For cucumbers should be chosen those places where grown potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and root vegetables, as well as legumes and other crops. Not the best place for planting cucumbers are the places where zucchini, squash, eggplant were grown: in the soil there are microorganisms and pests, from which the cucumbers subsequently suffer. For planting this culture, prepare a special mixture at the rate of 1 m2(3 kg) is mixed with peat (3 kg), wood sawdust (2 kg), double granulated superphosphate (2 spoon), ammonium nitrate (1 spoon), potassium sulfate (1 spoon) and ash (2 glass). Next, this mixture is spread over the site and digging to a depth of at least 20 cm.

Among all vegetable plants, only cucumber requires more carbon nutrition. To give this crop a good crop, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air should be maintained at the level of 0,3-0,5%. CO2 Is a product of the decomposition of manure, and it stands out quite a lot. In this regard, when cultivating cucumbers in the soil, apply a solution of manure (1: 10): fertilize plants in the proportion of 1 l solution, which is pre-mixed with 10 l of water and filtered, at 1 m2 Area. Similar fertilizing is carried out when the cucumbers enter the fruiting phase, fertilize the plants after 10-12 days. Cucumber beds should reach a width of the order of 90-100 cm. Immediately before sowing, the soil is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. After letting the solution dissolve well, begin seeding.

Cucumber planting dates

Planting cucumbers with seeds in open ground without shelter in the Non-Chernozem Zone is carried out from 25 May to 1 June. In the more southerly areas, the optimal timing is 10-20 May (depending on the temperature). At the same time, during the sowing, carried out to a depth of 12 cm, the soil must be heated to the level of 13-15 ° C. Otherwise, the seeds will not germinate or this process will last for a long time, because of what they will not have time to grow and give less harvest.

It is necessary to make a furrow, using a chopper, which should be as wide as 15 cm, and in depth - 5-10 cm. The furrow must then be carefully spilled with water. Seeds need to be located in the furrow, and sprinkled with soft earth on top to make a layer of 1-1,5, see. To keep the moisture, the furrow is covered with a light material, say, a newspaper. Usually shoots appear already in 4-5 days, but in hot weather it may take up to 10 days. Do not worry if the seeds do not demonstrate 100% germination, since we sowed the seeds as tightly as possible.

After the planting of cucumbers is completed and they began to vylozit, the temperature regime is very important. For normal growth and development, cucumbers need heat. The minimum temperature for seed germination is the mark in 13-15 °. They best germinate if the temperature is kept at the level of 25-26 °. For example, at a temperature of 25-26 °, cucumber seeds germinate within 3 days. If the temperature is in the region of 16-18 °, the emergence of sproots takes 6-7 days. In the future, for normal and development of plants, it is necessary that the temperature does not drop below at least 18 ° C. If the soil temperature drops to 6-7 ° C and lasts for a short period of time, this will lead to a slowdown in plant growth and, As a consequence, lower yields. If the temperature does not rise above 12-14 ° C, the cucumber growth slows down and the formation of the ovaries ceases. If the temperature drops to the level of 1-5 ° C, plants die, neither shoots nor grown plants can survive freezing.

When the first real leaf is fully formed in young shoots, the seedlings are thinned. Ultimately, in an area of ​​1 m2 Should grow a maximum of 5-6 plants. During the thinning of cucumbers, the plants need not be pulled out with roots, but simply cut at the soil level. The tightening with thinning leads to stretching of the plants, the appearance of late lateral shoots and a decrease in yield. At the end of thinning, the plants must be protected from drying by pouring a layer of peat or sawdust into them with a layer of 3-4,

Weeding should be carried out in time on cucumber beds weeding weeds, and also constantly loosen the soil.

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