Planting cucumbers into seedlings

Planting cucumbers into seedlingsCultivation of cucumbers in most agricultural areas of our country implies obtaining seedlings in order to increase the vegetative period of the plant. But not all gardeners know how to grow a full-fledged culture before transplanting into an open ground or a greenhouse. It is the issue of planting cucumbers into seedlings and our article will be devoted to.

When to sow cucumbers on seedlings

After selecting a variety of cucumber, you need to determine the timing of seeding on seedlings. Here everything depends on the conditions of plant development. If the cucumbers are constantly grown in a film or polycarbonate greenhouse, seeding should be done no later than mid-April, and young plants are transplanted to a permanent place in the first decade of May. In the case when cucumbers develop under the film shelter, their seeds are sown from 10 to 20 April, and transplantation to a permanent place is possible in 3-4 weeks, when the weather is stable and warm. Sowing of seeds of cucumbers in an unprotected ground begins from the first decade of May.

As for the soil for seedlings, it must be loose and fertile, it is good to retain moisture. After watering on such a land should not form a dense crust. To obtain a nutrient substrate for seedling, the following components are mixed in equal proportions: sand, peat, humus, turfy land.

How and where to plant cucumber seedlings

If we consider the site for growing cucumbers, then the soil on it should be light in texture and fertile, contain a sufficient amount of humus. To improve the aeration of the soil, a small amount of sawdust is added to its composition.

When choosing a container for seedlings, remember that cucumbers will be ill for a long time if, during transplantation to a new location, damage their root system. In this regard, the seeds are best planted in peat or paper cups. Similar containers should be filled with soil by two thirds, and the rest of the land (up to the top of the pot) is added in the process of developing young cultures.

The next important nuance that you should pay attention to when planting cucumber seedlings is the preparation of seed material. If you bought seeds in a specialized store and the name of the seed company has an excellent reputation among truck farmers, then no seed preparation is needed. If, however, the cucumber seeds were harvested independently, then it is necessary to discard the extra seeds by placing them in a salt solution of 3% concentration. In such a solution, all the seeds are dropped and after a while the empty ones will surface, and the quality ones will remain lying on the bottom. After this, the inoculum is placed in a solution of potassium permanganate 1%, and after half an hour the seeds are washed and planted in the soil.

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