Planting cucumbers in the Urals

Planting cucumbers in the UralsBreeders of vegetable crops include cucumbers to heat-loving plants. They develop well with significant positive temperatures and sufficient humidity. Cucumbers are successfully grown in the southern regions of the Russian Federation, but in the Urals such an occupation will bring a lot of trouble. In this region, the warm period is short, so the culture needs to be grown on warm beds to increase the growing season.

At the moment, a variety of cucumber varieties have been bred by breeders, but in the Urals climate it is necessary to sow several varieties of crops at once in order to obtain a guaranteed crop. We should note that a good yield of fruit in the Urals is every three or four years, but such statistics can easily be corrected by using film shelters and planting crops on heated beds. Experienced gardener recommend using in the considered latitudes such varieties of cucumbers as Vyaznikovsky 37, Graceful, Altai early, Siberian gherkin, Altai, Nezhinsky and others.

Vegetable growers draw the attention of fans to the fact that the optimal daily air temperature for cucumbers should be within 22-24 degrees, and nighttime within 16-18 degrees. In the case of a sharp drop in temperature to a mark of + 12 degrees, cucumbers discard inflorescences, and at + 5 they may perish at all.

For planting cucumbers in the Urals use a full seed of two or three years ago. To determine their quality, the seeds are placed in salted water (3% solution). After about 15 minutes, the heavy seeds will sink to the bottom, and the light will float. Further, the hardening of the seed material is carried out so that it acquires immunity to negative weather conditions. To do this, the seeds are placed in a small container and put in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. After that, grains need to be moved to a battery or any other warm place with a temperature of about 50 degrees.

Before sowing, seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After half an hour they are washed in clean water and dried. To accelerate the germination of the grains, they must be soaked for 24 hours in water at room temperature.

In the Ural region, the seeding of cucumber seeds under the film begins in the middle of May, although some truck farmers carry out such measures at the beginning of the month. As a protection, the plants are covered with agrofiber, and after that a frame is made of metal or wooden arcs and fixed on it with a transparent polyethylene film. Such a greenhouse can protect the cultures in question from a significant cooling.

The site for cucumbers should be well heated by the sun and have protection from cold northern winds. Such crops are recommended to plant after legumes, onions and beets, as well as potatoes and tomatoes. Soil for cucumbers should have a light mechanical composition, it is desirable to have a complete set of nutrients. Before planting seeds warm up the soil by pulling the film along the previously arranged frame. This operation is carried out within two days.

When the earth has warmed up, several furrows are made on the bed, and then they are poured with slightly warmed water. The depth of seeding of cucumber seeds should not exceed 4 centimeters, and the distance between cultures 10 centimeters. Now you need to cover the bed with a film and wait for the emergence. In the future between neighboring plants leave about 20 centimeters of distance.

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