Cucumber planting in bags

Cucumber planting in bagsSome vegetable growers have small garden plots for growing plants, so some crops, for example, cucumbers are planted in large polyethylene bags. The standard volume of such bags should contain about 70 liters of soil. The nutrient substrate consists of ordinary vegetable garden and humus, they are mixed in equal amounts.

Many truck farmers know that the bush of cucumbers gives good harvests when growing on trellis. To this end, near each of the bags are installed two-meter supports made of wood or metal rods. To increase the area of ​​growth of the bush between these supports, a rope or wire is pulled. In order to simplify the procedure for moistening the soil, several holes are made in the bag at different heights and water pipes are introduced into them.

Planting of seeds of cucumbers into bags is carried out as follows. In total, each container is used up to 15 seeds. At the top of the bag, you need to sow three grains, and the remaining ones are staggered in triangular holes on the side surface. Polyethylene cuts make the point up.

As mentioned above for watering cucumbers, you need to use thin transparent hoses, and the water should be fed into the ground under low pressure. Periodicity of cucumber irrigation Regulate weather conditions. With persistent and prolonged drought, watering the crops is carried out every day with the use of warm water, but the amount of liquid used should be small.

If you are engaged in growing cucumbers in bags, then pay attention to the following important nuances:

  • For planting cucumbers in bags, choose a container with a sufficient thickness of the film, because with a small number of microns, the material will burst and the soil will quickly pour out;
  • Place the bags in a vertical direction. To make them as resistant as possible to overturning efforts in the soil, they dig out a small hole, put bags in them and sprinkle them with earth;
  • It should be noted that no more than two seeds are placed in each landing hole;
  • The garter of the culture to the support begins after the appearance of the sixth real leaflet.

Для продления плодоношения используют посев разных по сроку созревания сортов огурца. Сбор урожая нужно проводить через один день, чтобы на кустиках не образовывались слишком большие плоды, они заберут силы растения, которые должны использоваться на формирование новых огурцов.

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