Planting cucumbers into plastic bottles

Planting cucumbers into plastic bottlesThe way of planting cucumbers into plastic bottles is simple enough and convenient. It can be used in closed greenhouse premises, as well as on a window sill or balcony. All you need is to take a plastic container of the desired diameter, fill the soil and sow seeds in it. As for the volume, it is better to take a bottle of 5-liters of nominal value, although good yields are received in smaller containers.

The procedure for growing cucumbers in this way begins with the preparation of a nutrient substrate. It must be loose, it is good to let oxygen and water pass to the root system of plants. Ideal option is the purchase of special soil in the store, but a similar mixture can be produced at home. For this, it is necessary to mix equal amounts of garden land, peat, drainage and forest soil consisting of the overgrown leaves of trees. Drainage may consist of pounded eggshells, sunflower husks or other similar components.

Next, let's talk about bottles. In the case when a cucumber is grown on a balcony or a window sill, the tops are cut off from the container, but they do not need to be thrown away, because they will be used for covering plants in the cold season. The remaining capacity is filled with soil.

If the planting of cucumbers in plastic bottles will be carried out in a greenhouse or on beds, then together with the top it is necessary to cut the bottom of the bottle, and the resulting rim should be cut into the soil by one third and filled with earth. In each of the pots you need to plant two or three seeds.

Cultivation of cucumbers in plastic bottles

Cultivation of cucumbers in this way gives a number of significant advantages:

  • Economical water consumption, because it will be absorbed in the right place;
  • Protection of the root system of the plant from the bear and other pests;
  • Absence of weeds.

Plastic bottles can be used to grow cucumber seedlings. In this case, the capacity is cut into two equal parts. In the lid, make a few holes and plant the cucumber seeds into it, and fill the bottom with water and install a top in it. Thus, we get a plant with an automated irrigation system, you just need to add water and feed the plants (if necessary). When planting seedlings in a new place, cut the plastic and transplant the crop together with a clod of earth.

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