Planting cucumbers in the suburbs

Planting cucumbers in the suburbsEveryone knows that cucumbers love warmth, but in the climatic conditions of the suburbs the summer is short, and spring is often protracted. Ogorodniki and summer residents of this region grow such crops in a seedling method or by seeding a seed in a pre-prepared greenhouse.

In the first case, the seeds of cucumbers are planted in special peat pots, because when grown in ordinary seedling boxes these plants can be damaged and wither after transplantation to a permanent place. Growing seedlings for planting cucumbers in the Moscow region begin in a month from the proposed plant transplant period to an open ground or a hothouse room. Soil for seedlings can be bought in the store or cooked by yourself. Prepared by the hands of the soil consists of garden land, humus and peat, they are mixed in equal proportions. To enrich the earth with useful trace elements, a small amount of wood ash is added to its composition.

It should pay attention to the fact that the soil does not get enough to the top of the pot, then stack two seeds in each container, cover with a thin layer of loose ground and pour a small amount of warm water. Before emergence, each pot is covered with a polyethylene film. Landing in the open ground or a greenhouse should be done after the third real leaf, but there is no need to overgrow the seedling.

The preparation of the seed depends on how and where it was obtained. If you bought cucumbers in the store and they have a special color (orange or green), then you do not need to prepare such seeds, but if they were collected independently, then you need to do the following operations. First, the cucumbers are placed at a saline solution of 5% concentration and monitored: the quality grains will remain on the bottom and the rest will float upward. To prevent damage from various diseases, the seeds are placed in a solution of potassium permanganate for about half an hour. Then they are washed with clean water and dried, then you can start sowing the seeds.

Another good way to plant cucumbers in the suburbs is to seed the seeds under the film. This procedure takes place approximately two weeks from the establishment of warm weather. First you need to choose a site for cucumbers, it should be well illuminated by the sun and not exposed to the influence of the northern winds. After this, you need to install a frame of metal or wooden arcs, pull the film and fix its position with the ground.

After a couple of days, the film is removed and seeds are planted, adhering to a distance of 10 centimeters. Now you need to water with warm water and wait for the shoots. In the case of a drop in temperature, the homemade hothouse is covered with agrofiber or other covering material. After emergence of shoots between neighboring cultures, 20 centimeters of distance is left. When the weather is stable, the film can be removed.

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