Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouseThe procedure for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse and further growing them involves a number of procedures. At the first stage of work it is necessary to choose a site under the greenhouse, it should be placed in a place well illuminated by the sun. If the hothouse room is used repeatedly, then first remove a small layer of soil, about 5-centimeter in order to remove the spreaders of infections that can lead to the appearance of diseases on plants. In the case of using a greenhouse with a wooden frame, the surface of wood is treated with a highly concentrated solution of copper sulphate, the metal frame is painted.

Next, you need to add useful elements to the soil in the following quantities. The square meter of the area requires up to 20 kilograms of cow manure, about 300 grams of lime and 40 grams of complex mineral fertilizer (ammophos, superphosphate). Such substances are best applied in the spring, because they dissolve rapidly in the soil and become accessible to the roots of the planted plants.

In the spring, after the establishment of warm weather, cover the greenhouse with a film. When the soil gets warm enough, they start to form beds in a greenhouse, their height should be within 20-25 centimeters. With a small width, the greenhouses make one central path and two beds, if the width of the room reaches 4 meters, then make two paths and equip four beds with cucumbers. Seedlings of cucumbers are planted in a greenhouse in rows with a distance of about 35 centimeters between individual plants. For garters of developing plants, tapestry is used in the form of several rows of thick wire stretched between two supports.

Cucumber seedlings for a greenhouse should be grown at home on a window sill or balcony. This is the way to achieve savings of coolants, because to grow young plants in a greenhouse will require a certain temperature regime. If you decide to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse for seedlings, then the temperature regime in the first week of development of seedlings should be within 25-27 in the daytime and + 15-17 degrees at night. Three days after the emergence of the shoots, the plants are transferred to the brightest place and reduce the temperature to the following: daytime - 20-22 degrees, night - 18-20 degrees. Such a temperature regime prevents the seedling from stretching.

Planting of cucumbers in a greenhouse is carried out in separate pots or common containers. Seeds are laid to a depth of up to 1,5 centimeters, then the soil is gently pressed and watered. The disadvantage of sowing seeds in the total capacity is the need to dive plants.

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