After that, plant cucumbers

After that, plant cucumbersEven beginning vegetable growers understand that crop rotation is necessary when growing various crops, including cucumbers. This feature of various vegetable crops can be explained by the fact that the plants constantly present on the plot can pull out various useful elements from the soil. In addition, in the soil over the years, pathogenic bacteria and pests accumulate, which will continue their life cycle in the next season on their favorite vegetables.

Many people know about the alternation of different cultures within a single plot, but do so in order that diseases and pests do not parasitize on the new plant, and the soil retains all the necessary useful substances. In this article we will talk after which it is better to plant cucumbers.

According to experienced vegetable growers, one culture can be grown in the designated area no more than 4-x years, and then the plants need to be changed. According to observations, the ideal predecessors for cucumbers are colored and white cabbage. Good yield can be achieved by planting cucumbers after potatoes and peas, as well as tomatoes and beets. It should be noted that, as regards the alternation of plantings of tomatoes and cucumbers, continuous disputes are being waged in the gardener circle, as some vegetable growers are talking about their incompatibility. In this regard, to plant cucumbers after tomatoes or not must decide for themselves each vegetable grower.

Good yields of the culture in question can be achieved not only taking into account predecessors, but also satellites. So some vegetable growers recommend combining cucumber crops with plantings of dill and legumes, as well as onions, spinach, various kinds of salads and fennel.

Concerning the satellites, it is noticed that dill can prolong the period of fructification of cucumbers, the planting of garlic does not allow the development of bacteriosis and other diseases, the release of salad and spinach, and supply the root system of cucumbers with necessary useful substances, and also protect the soil against possible overheating and loss of moisture. If we talk about leguminous plants, they allocate nitrogen to the soil, which is necessary for the development of cucumbers.

Что сажать после огурцов?

Some beginners gardeners ask questions not only about their predecessors to the culture in question, but also about what to plant on the site next year. According to observations after the end of the life cycle of cucumbers, the next year is best to plant onions, beets, garlic, radish.

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