Spots on the leaves of cucumbers

Yellow spots on the leaves of cucumbersOften you can see spots on the leaves of cucumbers. The reason for covering old cucumber leaves with yellow spots can serve as a deficit of potassium. At first, the yellow color becomes the edges of the leaves, then a color change is observed with the tissue between the veins to the center of the leaf. If the plants lack magnesium, then this is expressed in the yellowing of the leaf of the leaf between the veins - similar to the earlier ones with older leaves.

The cause of spotting can be the development of a disease such as anthracnose (the stems and petioles are covered with depressed spots, the fruits are ulcers, and the leaves soon acquire a touch of pink color). If everything is a matter of akihytosis, the spots are large, round in shape, light yellow, and on their surface one can distinguish black dots, which act like a spore-bearing layer of the fungus. To combat these diseases use 1% solution of the Bordeaux liquid or phytosporin.

A possible cause of cucumber leaves covering with spots can be mosaic damage. Plants of the culture are susceptible to green and white mosaic disease, the characteristic features of which are the presence of dark and light shades on the leaves (they often have the form of a star), after some time, one can observe the wrinkling of leaves. If you see that the cucumber is struck by a mosaic, then such plants should be removed.

If spots appear on the leaves of cucumbers, it can be caused by the development of such a disease as downy mildew (peronosporosis): the upper part of the leaf (along the veins) is covered with small yellow oily stains. The lower part of the cucumber takes on a lilac-gray tinge and is covered with a sporiferous layer of fungus-pathogen. After some time, the spots get a brown tint, fragility, there is a risk of tissue loss, where the disease develops. If the disease has a large scale of infection, then the plant can lose all the leaves. The carrier of this disease is the infected seeds.

If there are spots on the leaves, it is possible to assume that the plants of melon aphids are affected. In most cases, aphid colonies are chosen as the place where they live and reproduce, the lower part of the leaves, as well as shoots and flowers. If the leaves are damaged by pests, then at first they are stained, then they are twisted, after which they fall off. Aphids can spread cucumber mosaic, and along with this and a number of other viral diseases.

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