Seedlings of cucumbers stretched out, what should I do?

Seedlings of cucumbers stretched outIf we see that seedlings of cucumbers begin to stretch, we immediately begin to look for the causes of this phenomenon. The most probable of them is the failure of the light or temperature regime. In order that young plants do not begin to reach for the sun, it is necessary to organize additional light sources for them, which can be done with fluorescent lamps. The temperature in the room where the seedlings are grown should be kept within + 16 degrees.

When extending the main shoot of the plant, gently fold its lower part with a ring and gently lay it in a pot, and then sprinkle with earth and pour. After a while the culture forms new roots, and its stem will become thick and strong. Before planting a new plant, plants with thin stems and small leaves are discarded, because they can die after moving to a new location or will be ill for a long time. What to do if the seedlings of cucumbers stretched out and how to prevent it.

To insure against drawing cucumber seedlings and other negative factors in development, you should follow such rules:

  • Cultivate the crop in a seedling way to reduce the growing season in open soil and obtain early crops;
  • All young plants must be transplanted to a new place together with a lump of earth, they must have at least three leaves;
  • при расчёте растений для посадки в тепличные помещения или незащищённый грунт высевайте на рассаду на 20% больше семян от запланированного количества;
  • Transplanted plants need systematic watering with warm water, and especially in the first three days of staying in a new place;
  • The time from sowing seeds to planting cucumbers in the open ground should be no more than 30 days. It should be noted that if the cucumber seedlings are very extended, it does not take root and is ill for a long time in a new place;
  • The site for growing cucumbers is prepared in advance, it must be sufficiently warm and contain a sufficient number of nutrients. Transplant young plants only in stable warm weather;
  • Avoid thickened planting of cucumbers, because a significant number of plants per unit area can cause rapid development of major diseases;
  • In case of a sharp cooling the plants are covered with agrofiber;
  • For the whole period of vegetation, up to five additional fertilizing of plants is carried out;
  • Ripening fruits need to be harvested on time. Overgrown cucumbers take away the strength of the plant, which is necessary for the development of small fruits.

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