Cucumber planting scheme

Cucumber planting schemeCucumbers belong to the family of pumpkin. This culture can be grown in unprotected ground, in a greenhouse or greenhouse. The vegetable in question feels well not only on the garden bed, but also on the windowsill or balcony.

Перед выращиванием огурцов нужно ознакомиться с их характеристиками и условиями для нормального развития. Наша культура любит тепло и свет, хорошо отзывается на своевременные поливы и обогащение почвы питательными веществами. Формирование куста, а также схема посадки семян огурцов или рассадного материала будет зависеть от способа выращивания.

The scheme of planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cultivation of the crops under consideration in greenhouse conditions implies placing the maximum number of crops per unit area. Here you need to take into account the fact that neighboring plants should be well ventilated and get the maximum amount of sunlight. In this regard, in the greenhouse is recommended to grow cucumbers in vertical rows, on the trellis. The considered support can consist of several well-fixed columns, between which a special net or several levels of wire are stretched.

The scheme of planting cucumbers in the greenhouse is as follows: the length of rows can vary from one to one and a half meters, and the distance between individual plants in a row depends on the type of cucumber. Between cultures of short-stemmed varieties it is necessary to leave 15 centimeters, but if cucumbers are long-spaned, then the distance between individual plants should be 25-30 centimeters.

The scheme of planting cucumbers in the open ground

For seeding in unprotected soil, you can use dry seeds treated with disinfectants and growth simulators, as well as seedlings. Seed sowing is carried out with sufficient warming of the soil, when the earth warms up to 12 degrees at a depth of 10 centimeters. The planting scheme will depend on the characteristics of the variety and the soil used. The depth of sowing seeds on loamy soil should vary from three to four centimeters, but if the soil has a light mechanical composition, then the cucumber seeds can be laid five centimeters.

The distance between rows of cultures depends on the period of ripening: for early-ripening crops - 60-70 centimeters, for medium-sized and late-70-90 centimeters. Between individual cucumbers within a single row is left in 15-20 centimeters. With mechanized seeding, the tape method is used in two basic schemes: 140 * 70 or 120 * 60 centimeters.

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