Planting cucumbers in the suburbs

Planting cucumbers in the suburbsEveryone knows that cucumbers love warmth, but in the climatic conditions of the suburbs the summer is short, and spring is often protracted. Ogorodniki and summer residents of this region grow such crops in a seedling method or by seeding a seed in a pre-prepared greenhouse.

В первом случае семена огурцов высаживают в специальные торфяные горшочки, ведь при выращивании в обычных рассадных ящичках эти растения могут повреждаться и зачахнуть после пересадки на постоянное место.

Why ovaries of cucumbers fall

Ovaries of cucumbers dropMany gardeners and residents of flats grow cucumbers in greenhouses and on sunny windowsills in order to get the earliest harvests. Sometimes in the process of vegetation on the plants under consideration a large number of inflorescences is formed, but the ovary falls off for unknown reasons. Why the ovary of cucumbers is falling off and how to deal with such a phenomenon, let us examine in our article.

Through how many cucumbers rise

Through how many cucumbers riseEach gardener grows tomatoes, potatoes and at least a small number of cucumbers on his plot. These crops can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes - they produce excellent salads and excellent preservation for the winter, as well as salted cucumbers that can be used to prepare olive and other dishes.

How to germinate cucumber seeds

How to germinate cucumber seedsThe technology of germination of the seed of cucumbers implies the use of several methods. It should be noted that the seeds processed before seeding give friendly shoots. With their help you can get strong cultures that are not afraid of temperature drops and give a good harvest. With the usual sowing of seeds, such results are very problematic.

After that, plant cucumbers

After that, plant cucumbersEven beginning vegetable growers understand that crop rotation is necessary when growing various crops, including cucumbers. This feature of various vegetable crops can be explained by the fact that the plants constantly present on the plot can pull out various useful elements from the soil. In addition, in the soil over the years, pathogenic bacteria and pests accumulate, which will continue their life cycle in the next season on their favorite vegetables.

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