Cucumber planting in bags

Cucumber planting in bagsSome vegetable growers have small garden plots for growing plants, so some crops, for example, cucumbers are planted in large polyethylene bags. The standard volume of such bags should contain about 70 liters of soil. The nutrient substrate consists of ordinary vegetable garden and humus, they are mixed in equal amounts.

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouseThe procedure for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse and further growing them involves a number of procedures. At the first stage of work it is necessary to choose a site under the greenhouse, it should be placed in a place well illuminated by the sun. If the hothouse room is used repeatedly, then first remove a small layer of soil, about 5-centimeter in order to remove the spreaders of infections that can lead to the appearance of diseases on plants.

Planting cucumbers into plastic bottles

Planting cucumbers into plastic bottlesThe way of planting cucumbers into plastic bottles is simple enough and convenient. It can be used in closed greenhouse premises, as well as on a window sill or balcony. All you need is to take a plastic container of the desired diameter, fill the soil and sow seeds in it. As for the volume, it is better to take a bottle of 5-liters of nominal value, although good yields are received in smaller containers.

Why cucumber seedlings turn yellow

Seedling of cucumbers turns yellowSeedlings of cucumbers require special care, because these plants are very tender and instantly respond to abrupt changes in growing conditions, including a lack of moisture, sunlight and nutrients in the soil. Even experienced gardeners can observe cases of discoloration of young cucumbers. What is the reason for the yellowing of plants and how to deal with this in our article.

How often to water cucumber seedlings

Watering cucumber seedlingsWatering of cucumbers is considered one of the most important measures for caring for this culture, and especially it is necessary during the growing of seedlings, because during the growth of young plants their root system is not sufficiently developed yet. In this regard, this culture is demanding to a sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients. One of the typical mistakes in caring for seedlings of cucumbers is the overmoistening of the soil, which can occur through high soil density, poor aeration.

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