Care of seedlings of cucumbers

Care of seedlings of cucumbersOne of the main nuances of care for seedlings of many plants is properly selected soil. For planting cucumbers, you can buy a primer in a store or make it yourself from peat, turf and humus mixed in equal proportions. An important component of soil composition is wood ash, about 20-ti grams per 10 liters of mixture. In the end, you must get a loose and nutritious soil.

Diseases of cucumber seedlings

Diseases of cucumber seedlingsAny gardener who has come across growing cucumber seedlings knows that young plants can be exposed to various diseases regardless of where the crop grows, on a window sill or in a film greenhouse.

Such a disease as Askochitosis usually appears after the violation of agrotechnical rules. As a result of its effect in young plants, thin roots are dying off, and the leaves become spotty, and the spots begin to turn black.

Extra dressing of cucumber seedlings

Extra dressing of cucumber seedlingsAs you know, transplanting cucumber seedlings or sowing seeds of this crop should be carried out in the soil filled with useful substances, but in the process of development plants will need additional nutritional elements - this will require additional fertilizing. The first of these is carried out after the appearance of this leaf on the seedlings. Extra fertilization of seedlings of cucumbers should be carried out with the participation of liquid fertilizers.

Seedlings of cucumbers stretched out, what should I do?

Seedlings of cucumbers stretched outIf we see that seedlings of cucumbers begin to stretch, we immediately begin to look for the causes of this phenomenon. The most probable of them is the failure of the light or temperature regime. In order that young plants do not begin to reach for the sun, it is necessary to organize additional light sources for them, which can be done with fluorescent lamps. The temperature in the room where the seedlings are grown should be kept within + 16 degrees.

Planting cucumbers into seedlings

Planting cucumbers into seedlingsCultivation of cucumbers in most agricultural areas of our country implies obtaining seedlings in order to increase the vegetative period of the plant. But not all gardeners know how to grow a full-fledged culture before transplanting into an open ground or a greenhouse. It is the issue of planting cucumbers into seedlings and our article will be devoted to.

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