Planting cucumbers in the Urals

Planting cucumbers in the UralsBreeders of vegetable crops include cucumbers to heat-loving plants. They develop well with significant positive temperatures and sufficient humidity. Cucumbers are successfully grown in the southern regions of the Russian Federation, but in the Urals such an occupation will bring a lot of trouble. In this region, the warm period is short, so the culture needs to be grown on warm beds to increase the growing season.

Soaking the seeds of cucumbers before planting

Soaking the seeds of cucumbers before plantingThe simplest and most effective way to increase the germination of vegetable seeds, including cucumbers, is to soak them in water at room temperature. The process under consideration should continue for 2-3 hours. Such a method of preparation of cucumber grains allows not only to obtain accelerated shoots, but also shows poor quality seed.

Cucumber planting scheme

Cucumber planting schemeCucumbers belong to the family of pumpkin. This culture can be grown in unprotected ground, in a greenhouse or greenhouse. The vegetable in question feels well not only on the garden bed, but also on the windowsill or balcony.

Before growing cucumbers you need to familiarize yourself with their characteristics and conditions for normal development.

Favorable days for planting cucumbers

Favorable days for planting cucumbersWith the arrival of spring, most gardeners and gardeners try to plant vegetable crops on a favorable day, because the development of culture depends on the terms of planting, as well as the future harvest. According to the information provided in the lunar calendar for 2016 year, favorable days for planting cucumbers on seedlings from 23 to 25 February, as well as from 9 to 12 or from 22 to 24.

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Cucumbers in the greenhouse

If you have a film greenhouse, the seedlings of cucumbers can be grown on a window sill using pots. Sowing should be carried out from the beginning of April, suggesting planting plants in the greenhouse throughout May.

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