Why cucumbers turn yellow

Cucumbers turn yellow

Often, gardeners on their site can see yellowed cucumbers. This phenomenon has several explanations: cucumbers are fully ripe, improper growing conditions (little moisture at high temperature, lack of nutrients, low night temperatures with frosts), diseases that cause fungi or parasitic insects. Consider why the yellow leaves of cucumbers and all the factors that affect it.

Aphids on cucumbers

Aphids in cucumbers PhotoUsually, aphids, which can affect not only cucumbers, but also zucchini and pumpkin, can be observed already in July-August. As a rule, it has a dark green color, but there are kinds of black and yellowish color. In length it reaches 1,5-2 mm. Nutrition for her are plant juices, while the first signs of the presence of aphids are twisted leaves, the falling of flowers and ovaries. Aphid on cucumbers chooses as the place of settlement the underside of the leaves, as well as young shoots, flowers and ovaries, where they arrange whole colonies.

Care for cucumbers

How to care for cucumbersCare for cucumbers is to carry out such operations as loosening the soil, weeding weeds, picking shoots, as well as regular watering and feeding.

For the first time the soil begins to loosen, when shoots appear and rows will be visible. The treatment is subjected to soil between the rows, combining this operation with weeding. Further loosening is carried out at intervals of 10 days.

Cucumbers wilt what to do

Leaves cucumber leavesThe withering of cucumber leaves is one of the most common problems that can be encountered when growing this crop. This can be caused by a number of causes, including fungal diseases. What to do if the leaves of cucumbers wilt?

Any representative of pumpkin, including cucumbers, is affected by white rot. The latter is a flocculent plaque of white with black points inside.

Cultivation of cucumbers in open ground

Cucumbers in the open ground

When growing cucumbers in the open ground it is necessary to choose the right site: it must be protected from cold winds from the north, and also in the sun, not in the shade.

Soil under the crops of cucumbers dig up to a depth of up to 30 centimeters, you can do it in the fall. If the soils are heavy, then they can add sawdust, peat or chopped straw to their composition. Good soil composition is characterized by its density, weight, cm3 Should be 0,3 - 0,8 grams.

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