Planting of cucumbers

Planting of cucumbersFor sites located in the central zone of the country and in the northern regions, well-warmed places with light sandy-loamy humus or loamy-humus soils, and also providing protection from the northern winds, are the most favorable for the cultivation of cucumbers. You need to choose the right place for planting cucumbers.

Why cucumbers are bitter

cucumbersMany people have the question that some cucumbers are pleasant to the taste, even sweet, and other cucumbers are bitter, why is it so? First, bitterness is mandatory for wild cucumbers. Breeders had to work hard to stop the cucumbers from growing bitter. In the end, they have achieved their own, resulting in the emergence of ungainly varieties.

Feeding of cucumbers

Top dressing of cucumbers photo

Who from truck farmers does not want to grow on the site a smart crop of cucumbers? It seems that this culture can produce an excellent result without much effort and expense, but it is not so. Over time, you can see that cucumbers wither, wilt and lose leaves - this is the result of untimely feeding.

Watering cucumbers

How to water cucumberWhen growing cucumbers, one should bear in mind that they react sensitively to the moisture and fertility of the soil. Watering cucumbers after planting and during fruiting should be done regularly, because during the growth of plants form a fairly large green plant mass, cucumber leaves are almost not protected from intensive evaporation, resulting in a lot of water.

Cultivation of cucumber seedlings

Seedlings of cucumbersThose who want to collect an early harvest of cucumbers, one should think about growing cucumber seedlings. The question arises when to plant the seeds of cucumbers in seedlings and what packaging is best used for this. The timing depends on the climatic zone, but we will stop on the middle lane.

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