Caloric content of cucumbers

How many calories in cucumbersCaloric content of cucumbers is low, since most of their composition is water (95%). In 100g of fresh cucumbers contains approximately 15 Kcal. They also contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the proportion of which is extremely low. Along with this, cucumbers also include enzymes that promote better assimilation of proteins of animal origin.

Growing cucumbers on trellis

Cucumber on the trellisThere are several reasons why it is beneficial to grow cucumbers using tapestries:

The plants are provided with better ventilation, while the difference in daily temperatures is reduced;

From the lower part of the leaves, there are practically no drops of water;

Pasynkovanie cucumbers

Pasynkovanie cucumbersNecessity in the procession of cucumbers occurs only when there is a sufficiently developed lash, and the plant does not form ovaries.

Stepchildren are extra shoots that take food from the whip. All this leads to the fact that cucumbers stop forming ovaries.

Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony

Cucumbers on the balconyCucumbers can be grown on balconies, and balconies that are located on the east or south-east side are best for this. As for balconies and loggias facing north, they do not have such good lighting and receive little heat. But, despite this, this place is considered preferable for cultivation, rather than a window sill in an apartment.

How to tie a cucumber

Garter cucumberIf you expect to receive high yields of cucumbers, then you should take good care of this culture. When cultivating cucumbers, you must always wear a garter. How to tie a cucumber correctly?

There are gardeners who usually neglect the garter, allowing the lashes of plants to be located directly on the ground. Despite the fact that with this option, care for the cucumber is greatly simplified, the number of fruits collected is much less.

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