Spots on the leaves of cucumbers

Yellow spots on the leaves of cucumbersOften you can see spots on the leaves of cucumbers. The reason for covering old cucumber leaves with yellow spots can serve as a deficit of potassium. At first, the yellow color becomes the edges of the leaves, then a color change is observed with the tissue between the veins to the center of the leaf. If the plants lack magnesium, then this is expressed in the yellowing of the leaf of the leaf between the veins - similar to the earlier ones with older leaves.

Cucumber diseases

Frequent diseases of cucumbersMost often, because of various diseases, the yield of cucumbers is decreasing. The following are the main diseases of cucumbers, as well as methods to combat them.

Cucumber Anthracnose

It is a fungal disease that affects not only cucumbers in beds, but also watermelon with melons. Most of this disease affects adult plants in the second half of the summer, however, seedlings can suffer from it.

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