Aphids on cucumbers

Aphids in cucumbers PhotoОбычно тлю, которая может поражать не только огурцы, но и кабачки и тыкву, можно наблюдать уже в июле-августе. Как правило, она имеет темно-зелёный цвет, но встречаются виды черного и желтоватого цвета. В длину она достигает 1,5-2 мм. Питанием для нее служат соки растений, при этом первыми признаками наличия тли являются скрученные листья, опадание цветков и завязей. Тля на огурцах выбирает в качестве места поселения нижнюю сторону листьев, а также молодые побеги, цветки и завязи, где они устраивают целые колонии.

Destroy the pest by the same methods that are used to combat other species of aphids.

Often one can observe how the leaves of vegetables are dotted with a lot of these small insects - so the colonies look like, which can be represented by ten, a hundred or a thousand insects. In some cases, the colony can reach such a size that on each leaf you can see these insects.

Feeding for aphids are plant juices. If insects are present in large numbers, this will soon lead to depletion of plants and their death. As a result of damage to aphids, cucumber leaves are twisted and die. Suffer from the pest and shoots: in the beginning, their curvature occurs, after which the growth stops, the aging deteriorates and ends with the drying of the vegetable crops. In the beginning of life for aphids, wild crustaceans serve as food, but with coarsening leaves of these plants insects pass to garden crops.

To achieve a significant reduction in the population of aphids that have affected vegetable crops, you can, without resorting to chemical means of struggle. Other insects, ladybirds, can help here. In order to attract these useful insects, they plant dill and mustard on the beds. In the spring of the ladybirds you can find yourself: their favorite place is the wild flowers.

Non-chemical ways to control aphids on cucumbers

Wood Ash

An effective means of fighting against aphids is tincture on wood ash. To prepare this infusion, you need to dilute 2 cups of ash and 50 g simple household soap onto a bucket of water. The mixture is stirred and infused for 24 hours. After this, this infusion is used to spray the leaves of plants that are affected by aphids.

Tobacco infusion

For its preparation, tobacco (50 g) must be mixed with hot water (1l), and then add soap (10 g) and infuse for 24 hours.

Настой лука и чеснока

It can also be used to control aphids. You need a bow (70-90 g) or garlic (40-60 g) finely crushed, then pour warm water (10 l). The mixture is then poured for infusion for 24 hours. Used to spray plants.


It is necessary to take herbs celandine (1 kg) and pour boiling water (2-3 l). Next, you need to wait some time and add more hot water (7-9 L). The resulting mixture is infused for two days, and then used for spraying vegetables.


For cooking, take the yarrow herbs (800-900 g) and pour boiling water (2 L). The mixture is then insisted for one hour. The ready-made infusion is increased to a volume of 8 l, and then they begin spraying them with plants.

Horse sorrel

The root of horse sorrel (300 g) must be finely chopped and poured with water. Next, leave to insist on 2-3 hours. After that it can be used.


Collect the green leaves of the dandelion (400-500 g) and pour hot water (10 L). Then it is infused for 2-3 hours. With this infusion it is also possible to get rid of aphids on cucumbers.

Tomato tops

The tomato leaves are usually used to prepare a decoction. The tomato tops (stepchildren - side shoots that need to be removed from the bushes of tomatoes when they are formed), about 900-1000, are poured with water (10 L), after which they let it brew for 4 hours. Next, the infusion should be boiled and let it rest again - this time for 3 hours. In this broth, add water to the volume increased in 2-3 times, after which it is used for spraying plants where aphids were seen.

Bottle of potatoes

Potato tops are used to make infusion. Take potato tops (1,2 kg) and finely cut, after which it is poured 10 l of warm water. Then it is left to insist on 2-3 hours. Then the ready-made infusion is used to spray the plants that have infected aphids. It is necessary to adhere to this ratio of the tops, otherwise the infusion will have a higher concentration, because of what leaves can get burns. Fresh tops can also be replaced with dry potato tops. With this option, 10-60 g dry tops are needed per 80 L of water.

Chemical methods to control aphids on cucumbers

Among the chemicals that have a mild effect, the best effect can be achieved using foliar top dressing (a mixture of 20 g superphosphate, 10 g of potassium chloride and 10 L of water). The resulting phosphate-potassium solution is used for spraying the lower part of the leaves. After 6-7 days, the treatment is repeated. In addition to aphids, this will help get rid of the ants. If a lot of pests are found on plants, it makes sense to use Phytoferm and Strela products - safe preparations to achieve good results, as well as Intavir, which is a representative of the category of insecticides.

Good results in the control of aphids on the leaves of cucumbers are also shown by kinmix, decis, arrivo, but the last time they spray plants they follow 20-30 days before harvest.

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