Care of seedlings of cucumbers

Care of seedlings of cucumbersOne of the main nuances of care for seedlings of many plants is properly selected soil. For planting cucumbers, you can buy a primer in a store or make it yourself from peat, turf and humus mixed in equal proportions. An important component of soil composition is wood ash, about 20-ti grams per 10 liters of mixture. In the end, you must get a loose and nutritious soil.

When growing seedlings, you must adhere to the timing of its disembarkation into the open ground or a film greenhouse, because overgrown plants do not take root and give an average yield. The growing time of seedlings is within 25-30 days.

It is important to sow seeds correctly. For the selection of quality seed material, we lower the seeds in 5% saline solution for about an hour. All seeds appearing on the surface of the liquid can be discarded, and the remaining on the bottom are washed with clean water and used for the intended purpose. To disinfect the seed material, it is necessary to place it on 15-20 minutes in an 1,5% solution of potassium permanganate, and then it is kept in a warm solution of Zircon (a drop of substance on a glass of water).

An important point in the cultivation of cucumber seedlings is the use of individual containers for each plant. This can be individual peat pots with a diameter of 8 centimeters or more. Such capacities are necessary for the normal development of culture in the initial period. A peat pot can simply be placed in the soil, and the roots of the cucumber growing themselves will destroy its walls. Seeds need to be laid in the soil to a depth of about 1,5 centimeters, then they are watered and sprinkled with loose earth, the top of the container is covered with a polyethylene film.

After the emergence of seedlings, the seedlings must be transferred to the solar window sill. The average air temperature in the room during the day should be within 20-degrees and up to 15 degrees at night.

Important stages in caring for seedlings of cucumbers are watering and top dressing. Watering the plants is carried out using warm water. It should be understood that cucumbers love freedom, so their leaves should not touch each other.

Top dressing of plants is carried out after the appearance of the first leaf, using the solution of the mullein in the ratio 1 to 10 and for several days from planting the plants in the open ground (up to 5-grams of ammonium nitrate per 10 liters of water). For 7-10 days from the expected planting period of plants in the open ground begin to temper the seedlings, gradually increasing the time of its stay in the open air.

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