Cultivating cucumbers correctly

Among gardeners and truck farmers there is an opinion that in order to grow a good harvest, it is enough just to buy in the store seeds of cucumbers, which the seller will recommend, convincing: "they take well, do not complain, etc.". And if there is more money spent, the result is 100% guaranteed.

But not everyone even from such seeds can grow a good harvest. After all, a plant can not grow, much less give a good harvest, as if by magic. If you want to get a really good harvest, you need to observe some fairly simple rules that include the notion of agrotechnics.

Germination of seeds.

After the seeds have already been bought, some summer residents begin to carry out manipulations over the seeds, which, except as a mockery, the language does not turn to be called. This and freezing, due to the increase in frost resistance of cucumbers, and soaking in trace elements, and many more. All this can only affect the earlier sowing of seedlings, but this can not affect the overall result, but rather, on the contrary, destroy the plant.
As a rule, purchased seeds before going on the shelves pass and heat treatment, disinfection, killing all internal infection. Including necessary microelements, growth stimulators, etc. All these operations performed on seeds are called - inlaying. And if there is this word on the packet with seeds, then no additional manipulation is required.

Preparation of soil for seedlings.

The main condition to be observed is the air capacity. So that the soil is airy. The use of fresh manure, peat with the addition of sawdust or chopped straw, is the best fit for this.

Young cucumbers should be planted in the soil immediately after the seed has spilled through the soil. Do not wait until the seedlings are stretched out. Planting cucumbers under the film is needed in late May early June. It is not worth hurrying here, as the soil may not warm up. In no case can not deeply bury the plant.


It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for growing cucumbers. If it is a closed ground, that is, when growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, the main conditions will be increased humidity 70-80 percent and temperature about 25 degrees. It is important not to overheat the plant and often to ventilate the greenhouse.

It is also better to initially strengthen the root system of the plant. If the plant has a strong root mass, it will be able to provide the maximum yield. To do this, you need, so to speak, blind the plant. What does it mean? After the first four leaves are formed on a young plant, they must be removed together with the shoots that have formed. On early maturity it will in no way affect. This way the plant will only be better formed.
If the plant has grown quite high, the upper part should be pinched, and also remove a few upper leaves to improve the penetration of light inside the beds.
To feed cucumbers should not more than once a week by any complex mineral fertilizers. It is also recommended for feeding of ashes and slurry. If a plant has many curves, curved cucumbers, this primarily indicates that the root system of the plant is weakened.

In this case, any growth stimulants such as potassium humate, rootstocks, vaccine, and other fertilizers that stimulate the growth of the root system can help. Of course, you should purchase fertilizers from proven manufacturers, such as Galicia. It is also necessary to loosen the soil more often, in order to ensure the flow of air to the roots.
Preventive spraying to protect against insects and fungal diseases should be done once in 2 weeks. If the pests did appear, it is necessary to increase the spraying interval to 2-3 days.

All these tips will certainly help to grow a good and rich harvest.

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