Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony

Cucumbers on the balconyCucumbers can be grown on balconies, and balconies that are located on the east or south-east side are best for this. As for balconies and loggias facing north, they do not have such good lighting and receive little heat. But, despite this, this place is considered preferable for cultivation, rather than a window sill in an apartment.

In view of the fact that there is not much room on the balcony for creating standard beds, low humidity of air and soil is maintained and often insufficient light is provided, it is not recommended to grow ordinary varieties here. For the cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony, attention should be paid to the "balcony" grades, which include Balcony, City cucumber, Kolibri, Machaon, and others.

There are no restrictions on the choice of containers for planting: it can be vases, pots and boxes, as well as double plastic bags, which need to turn the edges of the bottom. When choosing pots, vases and boxes, it is advisable to give preference to those that have a double bottom: the upper bottom provides for drainage holes through which excess moisture will flow and the lower one will be used as a pallet. It should not be forgotten that cucumbers are a moisture-loving culture, so they need to ensure frequent and abundant watering. In the tank, you need to pour in the soil mixture and the ground level should be a few centimeters below the pot edge. When the plant enters the phase of vegetation and the soil subsides a little, the same amount of soil is poured into it so that it remains at the same level.

In each container, where one plant grows, it is necessary to pour at least 5 liters of substrate. Otherwise, there is a risk of drying the soil during the fructification of cucumbers. Fill tanks can be any loose soil (except for dense sod-podzolic or clay soil), peat (upland, lowland), compost, various peat-soil mixtures. The soil should have an acidity level (pH of water extract), equal to the order of 6,6-6,8. For its calculation, you can use a household appliance with a pH meter (acidity meter). The acidity level of soil mixtures can be different. Sour soil should be fertilized with lime, finely ground chalk or dolomite flour. If the acidity level is pH-adjusted. Is of the order of 6,2-6,5, then when calculating the amount of fertilizer, proceed from the ratio 5-10 g of dolomite flour per 10 liter of soil. When using chalk or lime, the application rate is reduced.

Those who want to simplify the preparation of soil, you can recommend ready-made soil mixtures that already contain lime and fertilizers. Also in the composition of the mixtures it is possible to include water-retaining additives (say, agrogel).

When growing cucumbers on balconies, you must make a garter to the supports. For supports, choose the sides of the balcony or place along the wall. Over time, each plant separately will have to be wrapped around twine - a vertical twine, which is fixed in the upper part to a stationary balcony support. When used in a greenhouse trellis wire, it must be pulled at a height corresponding to the level of the raised hand (2,1-2,2 m). If the vases or boxes are located above the floor level on the balcony, a shorter distance between the ground surface and the trellises (hence, the number of nodes of the stem decreases, as well as the yield). After the plants grow to the balcony support, the twine is disconnected from the trellis, and the vases or boxes are placed directly on the balcony floor, the length of the twine twine is increased and the twine is re-locked to the trellis.

For balconies, as well as loggias and verandas, mobile trellis is the preferred option. This type of trellis is represented by boxes, pots or vases, to which the support, which is an alternative to the trellis wire, must be fixed. Mobile trellis is convenient to use because here at any stage of development plants can be placed without any extra effort in a new place. Such trellis can be made in the form of a wooden or metal contour, which has the form of the letter "P", which is fixed to the sides of the pot or flowerpot, as well as the shape of a ladder or other structure. The plants are allowed to curl directly along the contour, and you can also fix the twine to the contour, for which the stems are clinging (like in a greenhouse).

Growing cucumbers on the balcony using a mobile trellis, they should be formed. Given that the mobile trellis has a lower height than in the greenhouse, the plants here form a slightly different scheme. Located at the bottom of the 2-3 node you need to completely blind (remove the ovaries and side shoots). Going behind them 1-2 node ovaries do not touch, and lateral shoots subjected to picks. The next lateral shoots do not touch, only pinching them in the middle of the 2 sheet, and above - already on the 3-4 sheet. Due to the short prischipke side shoots, located in the lower nodes of the stem, the stem begins to grow more actively in height, and the fruit ripens earlier.

There are several ways to form the tip of the stem: pinching, when the plant grows to the level of a mobile trellis, pinches over the 3-5 node above the trellis, twisting or bending the stem through the trellis, tossing it down and then pinching when the plant is at the level of 50-60 From the surface of the pot or flowerpot. To make plants more decorative, lateral shoots located in the lower part of the stem are allowed to grow further.

There is also a third option for cultivating cucumbers on the balcony and loggia. This refers to the use of suspended pots or baskets (pots). Among the hybrids of the sorted "Balcony" there are many species that are distinguished by a good offshoot. This allows them to grow, like ampel plants, without resorting to pinching, or limited to pinching only the overgrown ends of the shoots. This method of cultivation ensures high fruit fastening.

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