Growing cucumbers on trellis

Cucumber on the trellisThere are several reasons why it is beneficial to grow cucumbers using tapestries:

The plants are provided with better ventilation, while the difference in daily temperatures is reduced;

From the lower part of the leaves, there are practically no drops of water;

There are unfavorable conditions for the germination of spores of peronosporosis;

During harvesting, damage to plants can be minimized;

Collecting mature fruits takes less time and effort;

The risk of plant diseases with peronosporosis decreases, which leads to an increase in the period of fruiting, as well as an increase in yield.

Probably, you will have a question: And what you need to know about growing cucumbers on trellis? The bottom line here is that at the ends of the row, stakes are placed, reaching a height of about 1 m, a cord (twine) is stretched between them, from which a rope or wire "tail" is attached for each plant.

Его роль будет заключаться в том, чтобы обеспечить растущему стеблю огурца поддержку, он здесь будет выполнять функции своеобразной «путеводной нити». Что касается выбора конструкций для этого, то садовод может приспособить все, что пожелает.

To make cucumbers grown on trellises in open ground conditions, before they entered the fruiting phase, it makes sense to resort to seedling method, or, if the seeds are sown immediately to the ground, to cultivate young plants under film shelters. So, under the trellis is placed with a simple construction of a film frame of arcs. The need for it will disappear when the young plants "fall over" (this happens when 5-6 has completed forming the real leaves and the appearance of the mustache). Along with this, another solution is also possible - the trellis design provides temporary protection against cold spells from nonwoven fabric.

After a while, the time has come when the plants reach a sufficient height and can be tied to a wire. All plants need to provide watering under the root, for which only warm water should be used. As the first feeding for cucumbers use a solution of Mullein. A third of the capacity is filled with a droppick and filled with water. Next, the mixtures are allowed to infuse for 2-3 days, after which they add more water, so that the total volume increases by 10 times. When applying top dressing observe the following proportions: on 1 sq. M. Meter consume 1 bucket solution. For the next feeding, mineral fertilizers are already used.

When the plants have new ovaries and side shoots, all of them in the lower 4 nodes of the main stem must be removed. Ovaries, which are in 5 and more nodes, do not touch, but side shoots need to pinch (until they have grown). The remaining ovaries, which are located above, do not touch, only the side shoots are removed, starting from the 6 node of the main stem up to the height of 1 m - on the 2 sheet, and those that are higher on the 3-4 sheet. If the top of the whip can reach the top wire, then it should be gently wrapped around a couple of times, and then let along this wire (for each plant - in one direction), after which it is removed down the middle between the two plants behind it in the line.

After 52-55 days from the day of sowing, it is time to harvest the first harvest. During the first 6-8 days, picking cucumbers should be done every two days, and when all the plants enter the fruiting phase, fruits are harvested every day. The trellis method of cultivation allows to increase the yield of cucumbers to a considerable extent.

Using the method of growing cucumbers on the trellis, which provides for the planting of seedlings, you can get the first fruits already in the second decade of June, thus outstripping the maturing of cucumbers grown through seeding.

Сбор урожая следует проводить утром, пока они не успели нагреться, иначе сокращается срок их хранения.

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