Cultivation of cucumbers in open ground

Cucumbers in the open ground

When growing cucumbers in the open ground it is necessary to choose the right site: it must be protected from cold winds from the north, and also in the sun, not in the shade.

Soil under the crops of cucumbers dig up to a depth of up to 30 centimeters, you can do it in the fall. If the soils are heavy, then they can add sawdust, peat or chopped straw to their composition. Good soil composition is characterized by its density, weight, cm3 Should be 0,3 - 0,8 grams.

If the soil is heavy, then the roots may be on the surface, they are subject to the influence of sharp temperature changes, they may not receive air and therefore often die. In the presence of good soil, the hand should penetrate well into the ground, the water can freely percolate without the formation of puddles.

When growing cucumbers in the open ground, not the fertile areas before digging are fed with the following fertilizer complex, calculated on m? Area: ammonium nitrate - up to 25 grams, superphosphate - up to 40, potassium sulfate - up to 20 grams. In acidic soil, it is possible to add ash, after which it is mixed, leveled and watered.

After the seeds are sown, it is better not to water for a while, this action replaces the air that is needed to germinate the seeds, and in addition, after watering the earth dries up and a crust forms in the upper part, which will need to be loosened.

In the open ground seeds of cucumbers are sown beginning from the end of May. In the pre-treatment of seeds before sowing, they include warming up to 60 degrees, at this temperature they should be kept for two hours. Then they need to be placed in the next solution, 1 liter of water is necessary: ​​double superphosphate - 5 grams, potassium nitrate - 10gr., Sulphate manganese - 0,2 gr.

Impregnated seeds mixed with dry and sow. Seeds are sown at a distance of 4 centimeters from each other, and the width between rows is 50 centimeters. On the m? The area requires 0,5 gram of seeds.

When the shoots appear to be necessary to monitor the moisture content in the soil, if the day leaves are sluggish, then in the evening, water with a water temperature of about 20 degrees. Distances between neighboring plants should be up to 15 centimeters, so you need to remove excess cultures, at this time you can do and weed.

Cultivation of cucumbers in the open ground is characterized by the fact that, under favorable weather, the cucumber blooms after a month and a half after sowing. If plants are pollinated by insects, then the appearance of the first vegetables primarily depends on their activity. At this time it is necessary to moisten the soil more often, especially if it's hot weather, watering in the evening.

With sufficient amount of nutrients, additional fertilizing of the soil is not required, but when they are not enough, in this case the leaves can turn pale. To restore the color of the leaves, foliar top dressing is carried out with the addition of any of the listed fertilizers: urea, ammophos, potassium or ammonium nitrate, adding 10 grams of the substance to the bucket of water. Spraying is carried out in the evening, when the heat drops completely with a knapsack sprayer or a whisk.

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