Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Cucumbers in the greenhouse

If you have a film greenhouse, the seedlings of cucumbers can be grown on a window sill using pots. Sowing should be carried out from the beginning of April, suggesting planting plants in the greenhouse throughout May.

When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, a small area can be set aside for seedling. Cucumbers are produced in the last decade of April, and after three weeks the seedlings must be planted "for permanent residence." If a decrease in temperature is predicted, the seedlings are covered with a thin film or agrobel. Seeds should be sown in glasses, pots or sachets.

In the container, the following nutrient mixture is poured: peat and humus - 2 parts, wood sawdust - 1. In the bucket mixture should contain 1 art. Spoonful of nitrate, 3 st. Spoons of ashes. There is another composition: in part - turf, humus, peat, sawdust and a glass of ash. The mixture must be mixed well and covered with pots to the top.

Then the composition is watered with water with sodium gutamate, 1st. Spoon on 10 liters of water. When the mixture is compacted, it is poured until the pot is full. Before setting the tanks in the garden, it is dug, leveled, tamped and sprinkled with copper sulfate - 1st. Spoon on a bucket of water. After this, the pots are set to each other. In the middle of the tanks they make burial and sow the seeds, covering them with a layer of the mixture.

If you plan to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, then keep seedlings in pots need no more than 25 days, the temperature is maintained within 15 degrees, at night the seedlings should be sheltered, and in the afternoon the shelter is removed. When reaching 20 degrees it is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse. Also, you need to choose a warm day and feed the seedlings after reaching 2 of these sheets. For this in 10 l. Water dissolve 2st. Spoons of "Ideal", sprouts watered in the morning at a rate of 2l. Solution on m ?.

In autumn, after the end of seasonal work, the greenhouse is disinfected, a bucket of water with two oxychome tablets is consumed at 20? Area.

Before the beginning of new work, they make beds from the soil consisting of the following components mixed in equal proportions: peat, sawdust, humus turf. With this composition make beds of height 35 centimeters, between them leave passages about 50 centimeters. Before planting seedlings arrange trellises from a special trellis net, the soil is fertilized and spilled with water. To preserve the humidity, the area can be covered with a film.

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

When planting seedlings of cucumbers in the greenhouse make the deepening, which in volume coincide with the size of the pots. Seedlings are planted in two rows in staggered order with a distance between plants 60 centimeters. Plants are placed vertically, the pot is covered and compacted a little. Watering is carried out once a week, water must be used warm.

Two weeks after planting the seedlings, the plant stems are tied to the trellis, forming the main shoot and lateral ones. The sinuses of the first four leaves are dazzled, and the flowers and shoots are plucked. Subsequent 6 shoots should have a length of 20 centimeters, shoots above them - 30-40 centimeters, and under the top to 50 centimeters, all these shoots pinch.

After the formation of plants, cucumbers should be watered, fed, ventilated and harvested.

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