Cultivation of cucumber seedlings

Seedlings of cucumbersThose who want to collect an early harvest of cucumbers, one should think about growing cucumber seedlings. The question arises when to plant the seeds of cucumbers in seedlings and what packaging is best used for this. The timing depends on the climatic zone, but we will stop on the middle lane.

Terms of planting cucumber seedlings

In the second decade of April, the weather is established, which favors the sowing of seeds. About a month later the transplants can be transplanted to a permanent place in the open ground, in other words, the seedlings should have an 25-30-day age by that time.

Compared to tomatoes, cucumbers are not subjected to picking, the transplant is bad for their survival, which can take a long time. In this regard, it makes sense to use for planting individual cups, planning for each of them for 1-2 seeds. Obligatory procedure is the germination of seeds, which should be carried out at a temperature of 25-30 degrees a few days before the calculated planting date. To do this, take a wet napkin, which put the seeds, and it is important not to allow the wipe dry, periodically spraying it with water. A sign that seeds are time to sow is the formation of rootlets, which should have a length of about 3 mm.

To grow cucumber seedlings was successful, you need to pay attention to the preparation of soil mixture for planting seeds. According to its composition, it should not differ from the soil that will be present on the bed. So, having decided to use pure peat as a planting material, one can face its drying out when it is planted on a bed. Eventually, the seedlings will grow extremely slowly, since the root system in the peat can not survive, which will lead to a loss of vitality by the plants and cause the formation of additional roots that can find moisture in other parts of the soil located far from the plant. Thus, cucumbers will develop much more slowly, because of what they will enter the fruiting phase later than usual.

A good soil mixture can be obtained if you mix 2 part of the garden land with 1 part of peat and 0,5-1 part of sand. It will be even better if you have stored compost since last year, which has already had time to perepret. If you decide to purchase a ready-made mix, first fill the contents of the plastic bag with any capacity and leave it for 1-2 days, stirring occasionally, so that it can "breathe". Then this soil should be poured into small cups, without resorting to its condensation, properly poured and placed for warming in some warm place for a couple of hours. Now everything is ready and you can start landing.

Take the cups into which one seeded seeds are placed one by one, and the burial should be carried out on 1,5. Then the cups should be covered with a film and placed in a warm place (23-25 degrees). Long wait for the first shoots do not have to, already through 3-4 day there are green sprouts. Next, the film needs to be removed, and seedlings are still maintained at a high temperature. Waiting for the deployment of the cotyledons, the seedlings should be placed in a cool place where the temperature will be at the level of 18-20 degrees, and leave there for a couple of days. This will help to avoid stretching the seedlings. Young seedlings need to provide good lighting and moderate watering, for which use exclusively warm water. When the plants form a second real leaflet, this indicates that they already have a fairly developed root system. In this regard, from this point, you can conduct more abundant watering. It should be particularly monitored that in the cups the soil does not dry up, and also there is no excess of moisture, it is necessary to observe a measure that will ensure a normal growth of seedlings.

Care of seedlings of cucumbers

Sowing is not limited to, seedlings of cucumbers need care - feeding and creating the optimal temperature.

When choosing a feed, you should first of all focus on the composition of the soil: if the mixture contains a small amount of trace elements, then soon the plants will exhaust their entire stock. When planting in the soil, rich in organic, the plants will be provided with everything necessary and will grow and develop well before planting in the ground, without requiring additional fertilizing. However, usually during growing, seedlings are limited to two additional fertilizers, for which organic or special mineral fertilizers are used.

If the room is kept high humidity and high temperature (above 23 degrees), and throughout the growing period, much attention is paid to the fertility of the soil, it is high probability to obtain a pampered seedling with a weak root system. The transplantation has a much greater effect on such plants and after that they need more time to grow and develop normally.

When growing seedlings, attention should be given to the temperature regime maintained: the optimal temperature during the day should be 21-23 degrees, and at night - 18-20 degrees. Extremely negative on the root system of cucumbers is affected by hypothermia, so if the temperature in the pot drops to 16 degrees and below, then the development of the root system is inhibited, thereby reducing the plant's nutrition and reducing its resistance to disease. In the case of critical temperature fluctuations (in the daytime - above 30 degrees, and at night - around 15), male flowers begin to appear. Negative image on young cucumber seedlings affects the cold sills, drafts and excess moisture in the soil.

When the seedling reaches such a phase, when its leaves begin to touch the neighboring ones, it is necessary to increase the distance between the pots, which will allow normalizing the illumination. Otherwise, yellowing and rotting of the cotyledons, wilting of the lower leaves and stretching of the seedling will begin.

Planting cucumber seedlings in the ground

When the day of transplanting the seedlings in the soil will remain about 10 days, it is necessary to lower the growing temperature to 16-17 degrees. This will have a hardening effect on the seedlings, so that with less injuries it will adapt to the natural conditions. When 3-4 days remain until the planned day of planting, seedlings should generally be kept on the street (balcony, cold verandah, etc.), provided that there is no direct sun in the street and there are no reports of frosts and other phenomena that can be ruined Young seedlings. In the last days before planting, the plants are watered with less water.

If in the growing of seedlings all the recommendations were followed, then the plants will have a stocky, healthy appearance, a well developed root system occupying the entire pot space, and the leaves a rich green color.

Благоприятным для высадки рассады огурцов в грунт будет время, когда почва прогреется до 16-17 градусов. К этому моменту у растений уже должно быть сформировано от 3 до 6 настоящих листьев, а также хороша развита корневая система. Рассаду сажают в лунки небольших размеров: вначале их следует пролить теплой водой, после чего в них помещают извлеченную из горшочков рассаду. Допускается, чтобы посаженные растения находились в почве на 1-2 см глубже их прежнего уровня. Располагать растения следует на расстоянии 50 см друг от друга, но при разных схемах посадки данное расстояние может быть изменено в большую или меньшую сторону.

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