Cucumbers wilt what to do

Leaves cucumber leavesПодвядание огуречных листьев - одна из распространенных проблем, с которой можно столкнуться при выращивании данной культуры. Это может быть вызвано рядом причин, к числу которых относятся и грибковые болезни. Что же делать если вянут листья огурцов?

Any representative of pumpkin, including cucumbers, is affected by white rot. The latter is a flocculent plaque of white with black points inside.

When this disease develops, the tissues of the plant soften, the mucus disappears, after which the cucumbers fade and their fruits die.

The risk of root rot development exists regardless of the stage of plant growth. In most cases, the disease manifests itself when the plant enters the fruiting phase. On what grounds can this be established? First of all, the lower part of the stem near the roots is covered with brown spots that eventually merge, the brown color becomes the tissue of the plant itself, which begins to decay, and then the rot also spreads to the roots. As a consequence, the plant begins to receive less water and nutrients. This also explains the fact of yellowing of the upper leaves (this is accompanied by the acquisition of veins of green color). Wilting leaves of the plant is observed before fruiting or during it. With sudden changes in temperature during the day and at night, rot causes maximum damage to the plant.

The best method for effectively resisting cucumber diseases is regular preventive measures. As you know, the costs of disease prevention are not comparable with the costs necessary for the treatment of plants. Among the main activities are the preparation of seeds, preparation of soil, cultivation facilities, and agricultural equipment for each summer season. For example, to exclude the risk of damage to cucumber culture by root rot, it is recommended to sow benign, etched, hardened seeds.

Along with this, we should not deviate from the cultivation of cucumber crops. There are summer residents who, due to lack of experience, choose narrow and high beds for planting the crop, from which the irrigation water leaves rather quickly. Because of this, leaves wilt on cucumbers, stems and, ultimately, this leads to the death of plants caused by physiological wilt.

Чем опрыскать огурцы, если вянут листья

However, not everything is so hopeless. It is necessary to prepare a solution of intense pink color from ordinary manganese. Use it for spraying, while providing plants with abundant watering, conducting regular hills. A good effect is provided by the treatment of the lower part of the stems with the drug "Kornevin", "Githrauxin", which stimulate and promote the formation of new roots. Often hilling will help to form additional roots. This will bring the plant back to life and count on the harvest. There is also an alternative - biological preparations "Fitosporin" and "Trichodermin". Actions are similar to those described above.

Along with this, the wilting of cucumbers can be caused by a sharp change of weather, even in the absence of frost. Cucumber refers to southern cultures and has a weak root system. Weak root hairs can not tolerate a low soil temperature, which leads to a withering of the plant. When planting the plant directly into the open ground, there is a risk of death in the event of a cold snap. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the shelter for cucumbers.

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