Soaking the seeds of cucumbers before planting

Soaking the seeds of cucumbers before plantingThe simplest and most effective way to increase the germination of vegetable seeds, including cucumbers, is to soak them in water at room temperature. The process under consideration should continue for 2-3 hours. Such a method of preparation of cucumber grains allows not only to obtain accelerated shoots, but also shows poor quality seed.

Некачественные – это всплывшие на поверхность жидкости семена (их нужно попросту удалить из ёмкости и выбросить), ведь они непригодны для посадки.

Some truck farmers to check the quality of seeds use 5% saline (50 grams of salt per liter of water). Suitable seeds for seeding need to be slightly dried, so that they do not stick to each other. Vegetable growers noticed that fresh seed material is much less germinating than seeds of two or three years ago. In the case when you do not have long-standing cucumbers, store seeds purchased in the store in a warm and dry room at room temperature. If these conditions are not observed, then the cucumber seeds should be heated for two hours at a temperature within 60-degrees, here the main thing is not to overheat. It should be noted that the best seedlings produce seed material that is stable for two or three years.

Also, when soaking the seeds of cucumbers before planting, they are pecked, which promotes early germination.

Cucumber seed treatment before planting

In addition to careful selection, warming up and soaking, the grains of cucumbers must be decontaminated before sowing into the soil, which will prevent the development of various infectious diseases. Such an operation can be done in two main ways: dry etching, which is performed with a granosan preparation in an amount of 3 gram of substance per kilogram of seed or a special agent called TMDT in the amount of 4 grams of preparation per kilogram of seeds. The use of these two substances means shaking the seed material with the preparations in closed containers for 5 minutes.

Wet disinfection of cucumbers is available for most gardeners. All that needs to be done is to soak the prepared seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate 1% concentration. The process under consideration passes for half an hour, after which the cucumbers are washed with clean water and dried a little.

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