Pepper, aubergines

Care of pepper

Care of pepperAfter landing in the open ground, peppers, for a long time, grow poorly and it is during this period that care for pepper is especially important. They are stimulated by shallow loosening, allowing the roots to obtain the amount of oxygen necessary for development and growth. Watering should not be done, it is better to fertilize the leaves with the use of the drug "Energen", the ampoule of which is diluted in 5 liters of water.

Planting pepper

Planting pepperThe birthplace of sweet pepper is Mexico. Only thanks to the discovery of America this wonderful vegetable came to Europe. Pepper belongs to the family of the nightshade - this culture is a long-term one. In our homeland, pepper is grown one season, because it has a long period from seeding to harvesting and that's why pepper planting is carried out every spring. The color of the fetus may be different, mainly it depends on the variety and maturity. Distinguish yellow, red, orange, green and white peppers. According to the shape of the fruit, the vegetable can be long-fruited, large-fruited, broad-fruited and small-fruited.

Cultivation of aubergine seedlings

Eggplant seedlingsIf you decide to grow eggplant seedlings, then first check the seeds for germination. To do this, take a dozen seeds of different varieties and soak them in tissue bags into the water with a temperature of about 25 degrees. After a day, the seeds are removed from the water, and then put in a plate, putting it in a warm place, up to 30 degrees. After about 5 days, the work done will give results, with five seeds of ten incubated, they are ready for sowing.

Growing pepper seedlings

Pepper Seed SproutsIf you started growing pepper seedlings on a windowsill or in a greenhouse, then use the standard seedling boxes, cassettes or pots with a diameter of 10 centimeters. When using warm greenhouses for seedlings, sow seeds directly into the ground. Often the seeds are sown in a box, and after the appearance of two full leaflets they dive on pots.

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