Care of pepper

Care of pepperAfter landing in the open ground, peppers, for a long time, grow poorly and it is during this period that care for pepper is especially important. They are stimulated by shallow loosening, allowing the roots to obtain the amount of oxygen necessary for development and growth. Watering should not be done, it is better to fertilize the leaves with the use of the drug "Energen", the ampoule of which is diluted in 5 liters of water.

The most favorable temperature for a good growth of peppers is 20-32 degrees, but if the temperature drops to 15 degrees, then the pepper bushes will not develop, at + 10 degrees, growth ceases altogether. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to heat the greenhouse when there is a threat of frosts or a strong cooling. However, too high a temperature also harms the pepper. If the air temperature in summer exceeds + 35 degrees, flowers and ovary in peppers may fall off. With great heat, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for plants, covering them from sunlight. When growing in a greenhouse or greenhouse keep the same humidity.

Pepper loves moisture, so before flowering it is necessary to perform systematic watering, repeating them in a week. At 1 m? Sowing should divide up to 12 liters of water, watering is carried out by sprinkling through a watering can. With stable hot weather, watering doubles. When the peppers bloom, the plants begin to water under the root with the same spacing, but the amount of watering depends on the weather.

Water for irrigation should not be cold, so you can take care of it in advance by pouring it into a barrel or another container for heating. Watering with cold water can lead to inhibition of growth and disease. In addition to watering and propolok, care of pepper is in its top dressing.

Top dressing of pepper

For the whole season, peppers are fed twice. The first time the fertilizer is carried out, when the pepper blossoms, for this use slurry 1: 10, or scatter nitrofosque - up to 3 kilograms per hundred. You can feed using folk methods. To do this, take a 100-liter barrel and finely cut into it the following plants: plantain, quinoa, nettle, mocryca, and then add a bucket of Mullein and 10 spoons of ashes. All this mixture is poured with ash and thoroughly mixed and left to wander for a week. The ready mix is ​​used from the calculation of 1 liter per plant.

When the fruits begin to form, the next top dressing should be carried out. To do this, you can use a bird's litter, from the calculation of one part per 12 liters of water, or you can pour a bucket of Mullein into the 200 liter barrel and add nitrophos - two glasses. This solution will be ready in a week, fed, as in the first case.

After the feeding, the paprika will grow well, but to give more fruit, the top of the plant should be pinched when the pepper reaches an altitude of 20 centimeters. Also it is necessary to conduct pasynkovanie, leaving to 5 the upper stepsons, on which the harvest will be formed. However, it should be noted that in dry and hot weather, pasyning is not necessary.

Proper care for peppers will increase the yield and improve its taste.

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