Cultivation of aubergine seedlings

Eggplant seedlingsIf you decide to grow eggplant seedlings, then first check the seeds for germination. To do this, take a dozen seeds of different varieties and soak them in tissue bags into the water with a temperature of about 25 degrees. After a day, the seeds are removed from the water, and then put in a plate, putting it in a warm place, up to 30 degrees. After about 5 days, the work done will give results, with five seeds of ten incubated, they are ready for sowing.

Before sowing the seeds should be disinfected in a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds should be kept in a solution for half an hour. For better germination and good growth after disinfection, wash the seeds with water and soak in the following solution based on a liter of water: nitroammophoska or wood ash - a teaspoon. You can also use sodium humate or "Ideal". In any of the selected solutions, the seeds must be kept for a day with a temperature of up to 28 degrees.

After this procedure, the seeds in the pouches are sprinkled with a little water and turned over on the saucer for a few days until they poke through. With this treatment, shoots will appear already on 6 day.

Также семена можно закаливать, действуя на них резкими перепадами температур в течение недели. Для этого сразу обработанные питательной смесью семена кладут в холодильник на пару суток с температурой внутри до +2 градуса, затем вынимают с холодильника и кладут в тёплое место, выдерживая температуру +18 градусов. Потом опять в холодильник, а после этого можно высевать семена в ящички.

Planting seedlings of eggplant

To obtain an early and good harvest, observe the technology, the timing of planting and growing eggplant seedlings will not cause much trouble. Sowing in the greenhouse should be carried out in early February, but not later than the middle of the month. But many do not comply with these terms and produce crops in the last decade of March, so the fruits only get in late summer, because before the appearance of the first fruits of eggplant, you need to wait three months after emergence.

When using boxes, the planting of eggplant seedlings starts from the middle of March, but the plant needs to be illuminated for a whole month using fluorescent lamps, after which a picking in peat pots is conducted.

Let's turn your attention to several ways of preparing a soil mixture for eggplant seedlings:

- humus take two parts, turf ground - one part.

- part of peat, two humus and part of sawdust.

- two parts of humus and peat.

- humus - three parts and turf ground - two parts.

In any of the mixtures in the calculation for 10 liters, add a spoonful of superphosphate and ash, then carefully mix and fall asleep in the box. To ensure that the soil is not washed between the edge of the box and the ground, it is necessary to leave a distance of 2 centimeter.

Seeds are sown to a depth of up to 1,5 centimeter with a distance between them of 2 centimeter and a row spacing of 5 centimeters. Before sowing seeds, it is necessary to sow grooves with warm water.

After sowing, the box is put in heat with a temperature of up to 26 degrees. Seedlings will appear about a week later. At this time, the boxes are transferred to a sunny place, the temperature in this place should be within 15 degrees. This mode must be observed during 6-7 days, and after that the temperature is raised to 25 degrees if the weather is sunny, or to 22 - to cloudy. The night temperature for growing eggplant seedlings should be within 16 degrees.

Before the appearance of two leaves, seedlings of eggplant seedlings should be in a box. All this time, and this is about a month, the plants must be systematically watered with warm water, but not filled. Also, you need to systematically rotate seedlings to the sun of each side in turn.

After the appearance of two sheets, seedlings can be dived into pots or plastic cups, in which they should be grown before further planting in the open ground.

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