Growing pepper seedlings

Pepper Seed SproutsIf you started growing pepper seedlings on a windowsill or in a greenhouse, then use the standard seedling boxes, cassettes or pots with a diameter of 10 centimeters. When using warm greenhouses for seedlings, sow seeds directly into the ground. Often the seeds are sown in a box, and after the appearance of two full leaflets they dive on pots.

As a nutrient mixture for pepper seedlings, humus and ordinary earth can be used. These components should be mixed in equal proportions. To get a softer soil, use peat and sawdust mixed in the ratio 7: 3. To ensure that the future substrate has good nutritional properties, urea is added to the pail of the mixture - up to 7 grams, superphosphate to 40 gr. And up to 15 grams of potassium sulfate.

Planting pepper on seedlings

In case the cultivation of pepper seedlings is done in pots, drainage should be arranged at the bottom, so that the water you water the plants does not stagnate on the surface. Drainage should also be provided when planting seedlings in boxes, after which the layer of the nutrient mixture is covered up to 7 centimeters thick, leveled and grooved, maintaining a distance of 6 centimeters. Distances between individual seeds should be within 2 centimeters. On top, the seeds are filled with light nutrient mixture, then gently compacted.

After sowing, the entire surface of the box or pot is watered, the watering can should be a short distance from the ground in order not to wash the seeds with pressure. After that, the surface is covered with a polyethylene film and put in a warm place with a temperature of about 25 degrees. Before emergence, it is necessary to monitor the moisture of the soil, if necessary, to produce moisture.

At the first signs of emergence, boxes or pots are reset to a bright place or lights are brought to boxes with seedlings. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that in the locations of plants there are no drafts that can cause disease and even the death of peppers.

Watering and top dressing of pepper seedlings

Peppers love good moisturizing, with a lack of moisture peppers will be small and tasteless. Watering should be done often, making sure that the earth in the boxes is constantly wet, but it should not be wet. For watering use warm water, its temperature should not be below the temperature of the air in the room or the greenhouse. If seedlings are grown on the windowsill, and the air in the room is dry, then young plants should be sprayed additionally.

When the plants form the first real two leaves, it is necessary to sift in boxes, and if they were planted in pots, make sure that the leaves do not touch each other.

During the cultivation of seedlings of peppers, they need to be fed several times. The first time the fertilizer is done after the appearance of 3 leaflets, and the second - after 5. Prepare a mixture: for this urea - 5, superphosphate - 30. Diluted in 10 liters of water and watering. For the second feeding on the same volume of water it is necessary: ​​superphosphate - 50g. And potassium salt - 30.

Usually the seedlings are planted after a good warming of the soil, at this time there should be a temperature of at least 15 degrees. Usually, peppers are ready for planting two months after emergence. However, this can be determined by their appearance. At this time, the plants already have up to 10 real leaves, and their height can reach 30 centimeters.

From some sources it is known that seedlings planted in two months, yield less harvest than plants planted in 80 days after emergence.

Before planting in the soil, the seedlings must be watered abundantly to soften the soil well in the box, then prepare the wells for the plants. Peppers in the hole should be sealed to the depth of their location in the box, the roots should be well sprinkled with earth.

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