The use of iron vitriol in gardening

To grow a full-fledged, high-yielding garden without additional processing of cultural plantings with different preparations from pests and diseases is unrealistic. Not paying attention to the fact that the market has a large range of means for countering the pests of fruit trees, not all of them are effective, but some are quite expensive. Proceeding from this, many skilled gardeners are advised to apply to proven, recognizable and inexpensive drugs, one of them - iron vitriol.


Bush-shaped peaches in compacted planting

Definitely, the first spring denechki as it is impossible by the way suitable for laying peach plantations. Everyone knows that peach or nectarine seedlings negatively endure transplantation and that these trees are better adopted, they are subjected to the maximum permissible pruning. But such intervention often leads to infection with fungal infections or freezing in the cold.


Diseases of peach

Diseases of peachPeach, like any other fruit plant, is exposed to various diseases that can not only significantly reduce the yield, but also destroy the tree itself. Consider the main diseases of peach, methods of prevention and control. After all, it is important to recognize the defeat of the tree in a timely manner, which will help preserve the plant and get a good harvest.


The best varieties of peach

The best varieties of peachBreeders brought out many varieties of peach and some of them can be cultivated not only in the Crimea or in the southernmost regions of Russia, but even try to do it in the middle zone. Consider the best early and winter-resistant varieties of peach and give them a small characteristic.


Cultivation of a peach

Cultivation of a peachPeach is considered one of the most delicious fruits of the southern regions, although recently it is grown in the suburbs and in the northern regions of Ukraine. Now the breeders have brought out many varieties of this crop, so the ripening of peaches continues for a long time. In the southern regions, peach ripening begins from the last decade of June, and some gardeners manage to harvest until the middle of autumn, in the northern regions the maturation of this crop begins a little later.

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