Diseases of peach

Diseases of peachPeach, like any other fruit plant, is exposed to various diseases that can not only significantly reduce the yield, but also destroy the tree itself. Consider the main diseases of peach, methods of prevention and control. After all, it is important to recognize the defeat of the tree in a timely manner, which will help preserve the plant and get a good harvest.

Curled peach leaves

Возбудителем данного заболевания персика является грибок. Благодаря наблюдениям садоводов было установлено, что основные симптомы заболевания начинают проявляться в весеннюю пору, вместе с распусканием почек. Возбудитель курчавости известен тем, что его споры находятся под защитной поверхностью почек, как цветочных, так и листовых.

The vegetative development of the peach begins with flowering, at this time the spores from the flower buds along with the wind move to new areas, the infection of the leaves occurs, which at this time begin to form. Deformed leaves of yellow or red color indicate the presence of fungus, causative agent of curl. Subsequently, the infected leaves dry up, and after 10 days the fungus begins active spore excision, it can be seen on a white coating on different parts of the plant.

With persistent cool and damp weather, the pathogen can move to green shoots, infecting them. Shoots change their color from light green to yellow - their growth slows down, by mid-summer they can completely dry out, in that case there is a risk of losing the entire crop.

For the prevention of this disease peach use 3% solution of Bordeaux liquid. The treatment is carried out in the autumn after the fall of leaves and in the spring, before budding. At obvious signs of defeat of a peach for protection use preparation Horus.

Powdery mildew on peach

This disease affects all the organs of the peach: leaves, shoots, fruits, a white coating appears on them. Leaves are deformed, shoots lag behind in growth, fruits become unfit for consumption, trees lower frost resistance.

Protection of the tree should be carried out as the signs of the disease appear. Sick shoots are destroyed, the leaves are sprayed with 0,5-1% solution of colloidal sulfur. The minimum concentration of the solution is used for spraying young trees, as well as for ripening fruits in the evening hours.

Moniliose of Persian

Moniliosis occurs on a peach in the presence of raw weather in the period when it blooms. The presence of the disease can be seen from the blossoming flowers, the ovaries and wood die. If the infection of the tree occurs quickly and a large number of spores of the fungus, then shoots and branches can be completely destroyed. Symptoms of the disease can be seen on gray small pads, which indicate the location of the spores on the plant.

To protect the peach from this disease use 3% solution of Bordeaux liquid. Sprinkling of the tree is carried out in the spring, before the appearance of young leaves. After flowering, if the moniliasis is detected, the infected parts of the plant, namely the shoots, cut off with part of a healthy plant, are removed from the garden plot. The repeated removal of shoots is carried out two weeks after the end of flowering.

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