The use of iron vitriol in gardening

To grow a full-fledged, high-yielding garden without additional processing of cultural plantings with different preparations from pests and diseases is unrealistic. Not paying attention to the fact that the market has a large range of means for countering the pests of fruit trees, not all of them are effective, but some are quite expensive. Proceeding from this, many skilled gardeners are advised to apply to proven, recognizable and inexpensive drugs, one of them - iron vitriol.


For gardeners, vitriol is used quite extensively, it is used both for prevention and for the purpose of removing many plant diseases, fungal diseases, and also to protect against pests. By the way, we want to recommend youthermostatic valve herz, since it can be useful in your home. Three-way valves from HERZ, depending on the model, are needed for binding the boilers on solid fuel, to increase the return flow temperature. In the presence of models HERZ TEPLOMIX with bypass and without overlap. Models with non-disconnected bypass. Model c completely bypassed bypass. All these products with factory temperature settings and are not adjustable.

It is extremely important not to confuse iron and bronze vitriol - these are different substances. Iron is not used in the preparation of the Bordeaux mixture. In addition, potatoes and tomatoes can not be processed with vitriol.

What is vitriol: properties and composition.It is ferrous sulphate - a salt, which is acquired when reacting ferrous sulfuric acid.At room temperature, vitriol has the form of turquoise or greenish-yellow small crystals. The amount of substances in such crystals is 53%.

When should I use iron vitriol?

Treatment of the garden with vitriol should be done in the early spring or after the fall of the leaves, in the autumn season.

In spring as well as in autumn, the main cause of infection with fungal diseases is the remains of branches and leaves on the surface of the earth. Proceeding from this, in the spring they perform not only the treatment of trees, but also the soil surfaces near them.

In the autumn time it will be much more effective to collect, and then burn the fallen plant remains and foliage.

In the autumn, vitriol can perfectly be applied to the next trees apple, peach, apple, plum, pear and cherry, cherry.

Safety measures when working with the drug

It is possible to breed it only in glass or plastic containers, without fail by wearing gloves and avoid contact with the skin and mucous membranes.

In general, it is not so toxic, unlike bronze, on the basis of this, its proper use will be a good protection for the garden plot.

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