Bush-shaped peaches in compacted planting

Definitely, the first spring denechki as it is impossible by the way suitable for laying peach plantations. Everyone knows that peach or nectarine seedlings negatively endure transplantation and that these trees are better adopted, they are subjected to the maximum permissible pruning. But such intervention often leads to infection with fungal infections or freezing in the cold.

Therefore, it is best to use a non-stop material. There are two options:

1. Seedlings are grown.

2. The finished stock is planted already in a permanent place, which is coordinated with the layout of the packing in the packed row. After the rooting of the rootstocks, they like the varieties that they like.

Nectarine is one of the most rapid breeds after berry crops. A rich harvest can be obtained only two or three years after the foundation of the garden. Peaches annually rejoice with their fruits. But alas, their age is not long. However, the leading breeders of the country proved that the most resilient trees grow out of pits. Some of them still produce large, juicy fruits, but most of these plants lose the basic pre-requisites of varietal characters. It follows that it is best to use the cultivation of peaches on rootstocks.

Summer residents, who have been cultivating these fruit trees for many years, are advised not to be afraid of frost. Due to low temperature, natural selection of more stable forms occurs. There is a lot of information about this at Sites And in the literature.

Seed rootstocks or small seedlings can be used for sealing planting of bushy peaches. For the latter, it is necessary to moisten the soil well and cover it with sawdust or sunflower husks. After the "seedling" has taken root, you can begin to oculate. From cuttings-shoots, cut from crowns of fruit-bearing trees, three-kidney buds are taken. The average of them must necessarily be growth. In a year, in the spring, the stock is necessarily cut exactly "on the thorn" with a sharp pruner exactly five centimeters higher than the established eyes. And already in the first half of the summer, the oculants give strong shoots. Such processes are plucked on the 3 4 leaflet. The resulting one-year plan next spring already yields a single crop.

Thus, the cultivation of peaches in a compacted planting (the distance between the trees on the low bole in the low-volume form 50-100 cm) will make it possible to dispense with the purchase of new unknown seedlings. In the absence of previously harvested seed or seedlings, it is possible to take advantage of shoots of seedlings, root shoots. For grafting, as a seedling, it is best to use one-year cherry plums, a cultic crown, felt cherry, almond or wild apricot.

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