The best varieties of peach

The best varieties of peachBreeders brought out many varieties of peach and some of them can be cultivated not only in the Crimea or in the southernmost regions of Russia, but even try to do it in the middle zone. Consider the best early and winter-resistant varieties of peach and give them a small characteristic.

Early varieties of peach

Mayflower or May flower.

This early peach variety ripens in the first decade of June. By the name it can be determined that this variety was bred by American breeders. The average weight of fruits reaches 130 grams, they are round, have a greenish color with a characteristic red blush that occupies half of the surface of the fruit. The fruit itself is slightly pubescent, the flesh of the peach is white, has a green tint, and has a pleasant refreshing taste. The stone has an average size, well attached to the pulp.

The tree is of medium size and has a dense round crown. Crop yield is constant, starting from the third year of vegetation. Usually from a tree about 40 kilograms of fruits are harvested.


Variety velvety has an early maturity of fruit, they usually begin to ripen from the middle of July. The average weight of this peach variety is 140 grams, the shape of the peach is approximate to round, the color is bright yellow with a blush on a large part of the fruit. Dedication of the peach is weak, suede. The pulp is juicy, tender, has a wonderful taste. A small bone of the fetus is not separated from the pulp.

Trees of medium size with a semicircular crown. The annual yield of wood 40-60 kilograms. A characteristic feature of this early variety of peaches is the good resistance of flower buds to spring frosts.

Winter-resistant varieties of peach


The variety was bred in Kiev specifically for the northern part of Ukraine. Forest-steppe has an average fruit ripening period, is characterized by stable yields, high winter hardiness, resistance to diseases. Trees of this sort of peach can be determined by spreading the crown of medium density, usually the variety is pruned to form a bowl or bush. The fruit of this variety begins with 4 summer, the fruits appear on the branches formed last season.

The average weight of the fruit is 90 grams, they are round-oval in shape with dents on the sides. The surface of the fruit is dense, medium-fluffy light cream color. The pulp of the peach is white, juicy, sweetly sour. The stone of the fetus is elongated, it is easily separated. The high winter hardiness of the variety in question allows it to be used as a stock for other varieties of this crop.

Augustus the steadfast.

The breed was brought out by the breeder AI Sychev from the seeds of the Manevsky variety through their free pollination.

The tree has a round crown, has an average growth force. Winter hardiness of the tree itself, as well as its flower buds is one of the highest among all varieties of peach. The average yield depends on the weather. The variety is resistant to major diseases.

The fruits are small, the mass reaches 50 grams, round in shape. The top cover of the peach is white green, the pubescence is strong. The pulp is white with a cream shade, it has a significant acidity. The stone is medium, usually well separated.

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